Do you still check your ex’s Facebook/social media status and even though you may have blocked them, you check it from a friend’s account to see what they’re doing?

Do you still have objects, gifts or your ex’s clothing at your place?

Are you still calling or texting your ex to just to say hi, even if they never initiate communication?

Do you have no immediate urge to respond if you happen to see a text or call come in from your ex?

Is he/she still calling or texting you...and although they’ve made it clear he’s seeing other people, you continue to take the calls anyways?

Have you been out on other dates, but you just compare them to your ex?

Are you still having sex with your ex?

You see someone that you’re attracted to. They come over and ask you out. You say yes. That night, your ex calls you just to “say hi.” Do you ignore the call?

Have you ever found yourself cancelling a second or third date at the last minute because you’d rather stay at home and watch Netflix?

If a mutual friend casually dropped your ex’s name into a conversation...would feel totally neutral?

If your ex was at your doorstep right now begging to come back, would your first response be to do any of the following? Yell at them, give them the cold shoulder or slam the door?

If he was at your doorstep right now begging to come back, would your first response would be to calmly let them know that while you appreciate the grand gesture, you’re just not interested.

Have you ever agreed to stay friends with an ex, but when you see them out with another guy/girl or think about them with someone else, you feel angry, sad or jealous?