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*Areas we can look at: relationships/career/business/Soul purpose

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Email readings: You can ask up to 2 questions for the same rate. 1) avoid yes/no questions-instead ask “What is the energy around XYZ situation? What message does Spirit want to share around XYZ at this time?” 2) After you complete payment, you’ll be redirected on the website to submit your question. If you have any trouble or are not redirected, you can simply submit your question here and just put “Email reading” in the subject line. 3) You will receive your message within 48 business hours.

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“I’m thrilled to say the bad dreams stopped!”

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

Photo by Eric Michael Pearson

Coming to Cali from NYC, my fiance Josh and I rented an amazing place by the beach. It was beautiful in every sense, but one. We both had sleepless nights and we had no idea what to do to make them go away. Diana was able to tune into what was happening and gave us a simple suggestion to try that night. I’m thrilled to say the bad dreams stopped and we are now fully enjoying our days and nights. Thank you so much Diana!”

Marie Forleo, founder of B-school and author of “Everything is Figureoutable.” www.marieforleo.com

“I was finally able to see what was holding me back with a client and my business. Finally, a solution!

Diana is 100% the real deal. There is no doubting her psychic and intuitive abilities. She doesn’t waste time with unimportant psychic drama; she gets right to it. In fact, in our first session together, I was able to really see what was holding me back with a new client and with my business. Boundaries is one of the most difficult issues I struggle with in business and for the first time, this really made clear and solvable.I got a solution that I understood on a deep level. It was almost as if Diana was able to go in and shepherd the atoms of my soul to realign. Beautiful, soulful work. Life changing possibilities!

Candace Beck

I believe in love again!
“When I first came to Diana, I was heartbroken and reeling from a painful breakup that I hadn’t been able to recover from for over a year. This person had deceived me but for some reason NOTHING I did helped me finally let go and move on…until I started intuitive healing sessions with her. I had tried everything to let go of this person and the memory, but I kept holding on. It wasn’t until Diana helped me finally…and miraculously… clear that old relationship that I was finally able to make room for my soulmate which I met three months after our first session! Today, I am living happily with my soulmate and our new family and doing work that allows me the freedom and space to explore my passions! I am forever grateful to her intuitive gifts that finally helped me clear the past and helped me come back to myself. Thank you Diana!”
-Jennifer Klemm-Murray