Your Soul’s Breakthrough: The Ultimate Goddess Transformation

  • Are you at a major crossroads in your life, knowing something in your life has to change?
  • Are you ready to get to the bottom of it and experience a personal breakthrough at a Soul-level?
  • Do you feel a burning desire to bust out, do what you really want to do, and be who you really are yet you feel like something (or someone) is holding you back?

Your soul is calling you, Goddess. It’s calling for The Ultimate Goddess Transformation.

And I want to help.

But first, let’s get even more real and talk desires. It all comes from a desire. To have something different in your life. To feel different. And most importantly, to BE different.

So, who do you want to be?

Diana Red Coach largeYour Soul’s Breakthrough: The Ultimate Goddess Transformation

  • Are you at a major crossroads in your life, knowing something in your life has to change?
  • Are you ready to get to the bottom of it and experience a personal breakthrough at a Soul-level?
  • Do you feel a burning desire to bust out, do what you really want to do, and be who you really are yet you feel like something (or someone) is holding you back?

Your soul is calling you, Goddess. It’s calling for The Ultimate Goddess Transformation.

And I want to help.

But first, let’s get even more real and talk desires. It all comes from a desire. To have something different in your life. To feel different. And most importantly, to BE different.

So, who do you want to be?

Have you ever been at a party and this woman walks in, you know, the one who lights up the room and seems genuinely HAPPY?

She may have the love of her life next to her or she may be on her own, but she’s totally turned on without trying to be.

It’s tripping you out because even though she’s not necessarily conventionally “hot,” she turns heads, everyone wants to talk to her and she gives off this quiet confidence that says, “I actually love who I am, I am at peace with my life and I can hold my own, how about you?” (You know who I’m talking about!)

People keep wanting to give stuff to her and she draws things to her so easily, it’s like all she has to do is she think about what she wants, she says it and then not long after that, it seems to come to her. It’s not logical. It’s like magic.

And she laughs. A lot. And she has fun.

Negative thoughts seem to leave as soon as they come to her.

She has really deep and connected, supported friendships.

She’s having amazing sex with her significant other (or lover if she doesn’t want a relationship!) who adores her and treats her like a Goddess.

And she somehow manages to balance all that with a career that lights her up. Oh, and she does yoga and finds time to meditate daily. Never misses it.

You want to hate her, but deep down, you want to BE her.

Confession time: You CAN BE. Your own version of that woman. It’s not about being perfect.

It’s about being the most aligned, FABULOUS, sparkly version of YOU.

  • Confident and connected
  • Self-loving and service-oriented
  • Spiritually balanced and abundant in every area of your life
  • Powerful and feminine

Are you ready to transform Goddess?


How it Works:

My 5-step Five Star™ System

Becoming who you want to be and getting what you want is like building a new fabulous home. You have to start from the ground up and there are steps! It doesn’t happen overnight. You need a plan.

Phase 1: Prepping You For Your Transformation

We’ll start by identifying where you are and where you want to be by the end of our journey together with an in-depth Soul assessment before we even get on the phone. Then we’ll hop on and have our first call which is an intuitive reading where I share channeled specific information about you, who your Guides are helping you in this transformation and together, we’ll agree on a blueprint plan that’s totally based around your unique energy and your desires.

Phase 2: Setting a Strong Foundation

*This is 3 sessions

aka Clearing out the Crap Part 1+ Healing

A house is only as strong as its foundation and so in this phase, it’s all about clearing out the crap from your past that is keeping you stuck. Depending on what we uncovered in your blueprint plan, this could include things such as:

-letting go of old relationship energy /exes, ex friends, ex biz partners, etc

-forgiving and healing old wounds from your family and ancestral lineage

-healing from past disappointments that left you feeling like what you want isn’t possible

-less common, but if we find this in the pre-assessment, clearing out old Spirit attachments from your physical body and/or home

After phase 1, you will feel:



-more energized and clear because you won’t be weighed down by old crap that is coloring what you believe is possible

Phase 3: Defining + De-cluttering (especially your mind!).

*This is 3 sessions

You made it through Phase I! Congratulations! There may still be some residual stuff we need to clear depending on how fast you are doing the program, so we’ll take care of that at the beginning of this phase and get you ready for this one! Think of this phase as the part where you get to decide how many rooms and doors you want and figuring out what walls need to get knocked down or moved around to make that happen.

Here, I will help you get crystal clear on what (and who) gets to stays in your life as it is now (not the past like Phase 1) and what has to go if you want to get what you want. This is a deep dive phase that can include

-making space for new relationships and friendships

-learn how to have uncomfortable conversations with the people that have to go without downplaying or disrespecting yourself

-space clearing: energizing your physical space in your home and office so it’s aligned with the new you

-re-defining your true priorities and your schedule so it’s based around what lights you up

-identifying and calling out any negative self-talk and nipping it in the bud before it does its damage!


You’ll emerge from Phase 3:


-more clear on what you want and who and what pulls your energy away from that

-rejuvenated by all the space you now have (literally and figuratively!)


-more creative

-feeling more in control of your life

Phase 4: Peace of Mind

*This is 2 sessions

You’ve got a strong foundation now. You have the layout you want. Now it’s time to put the roof on, add a fabulous front door and secure what you just created!

This is the phase where you get to be the total bad-ass Goddess you always wanted to be and finally step into her shoes.


But first you have to guard your castle! It’s all about feeling EMOTIONALLY powerful and in charge of your desires and energy in every situation that comes your way, without apology!

In this phase, you will learn how to:

-set boundaries and feel safe to say NO (or YES) depending on the situation without feeling guilty

-stop feeling drained by people who zap you (you’ll know how to handle this at the drop of a hat)

-be at peace with what’s showing up in your life vs. trying to put yourself down, push or make something happen out of fear. That is exhausting and it actually repels what you want most of the time! I’m going to teach a better way Goddess and you’ll never go back!

-learn how to up-grade your life incrementally so you stop sabotaging what you want (baby steps for big leaps)

At the end of Phase 4, you will:

-command more respect and attention from people

-be bold and ask for what you want (and start actually getting it!)

-feel brave and actually take the steps you’ve been putting off that would get you closer to what you want. (leave the job, go on the blind date, make a plan to buy that home, hire that housecleaner, start your business, sell your business, call the travel agent, take the yoga class and actually go, etc).

You call the shots. It’s your life. And you’re free!

Phase 5: Maintain + Celebrate!

*This is 1 session with a VIP component

Wohooo! Wow. You’ve totally done a 180. By this phase, people in your life are saying, “What’s up with you? You’re glowing!” And you know they’re right because you actually feel like a different person. Because you are. And now it’s time to make sure you know how to maintain the energy you started and also take some time to celebrate how far you’ve come!


As women, so often we tend to skip over the celebration part and go onto the next thing.This actually blocks you from sustaining that magnetic “IT” factor you worked so hard to get. So, this phase includes a special VIP Goddess Celebration with yours truly that includes:

-a celebration and next steps call (either in-person or virtually via Skype) where I will love on you and give you a chance to celebrate your personal ah-has

-you’ll have plenty of time to ask me any burning questions you want to and get more clarity and peace of mind

-I’ll also offer resources and next steps to help you maintain your glowy vibe so you stay on track after we’re done!

PLUS: No celebration is complete without some serious Goddess pampering.

We will meet on Skype or Google Hangout for this call and celebrate Goddess style with some secret goodies that you’ll get ahead of time!


Who you’ll become as a result of this program:

You will be a transformed version of yourself. Your confidence will be through the roof and you’ll be free of all the blocks that kept you stuck! You’ll be poised to manifest to your heart’s content and you’ll have the tools to communicate with others, feel comfortable standing in your power and trusting yourself with the important decisions in your life. Life will flow easier and you will finally feel free!

But no program of mine is complete without sending you off with some very Goddess-fabulous bonuses!

Bonus #1: “Intuition 101: How to Master the Art of Decision-Making and Get Out of Your Head!” ($297 value)

One of the biggest things to help you rock your decision-making is to learn how to strengthen and trust your intuition. So you’ll receive my #1 course: This is a 5-week self-paced video and audio course that is also taught live twice a year and you’ll have lifetime membership to that if you want to join us live or do it on your own!


Bonus #2: “Master Your Mind Meditation” Package ($99 value):

To re-wire your subconscious, it’s no surprise that positive affirmations and meditation can help. But if you’re short on time or patience, there’s an easy way to do this! Guided channeled vision journeys (usually under 15 minutes) that you can pop in before you go to bed or while you’re doing chores or at work work subliminally in between our live sessions! This package includes 5 of my favorite tracks for you.

FAQ’s and Getting Started:

  • How long is the program? How often do we talk?

3 months, 4 months or 5 months depending on how you spread it out. (see below)

A total of 9 live calls plus the prep work/pre-assessment and the VIP experience (which is like an extra session in itself) and the bonuses. So technically, time-wise, it’s the same as having 10 single sessions with me plus a whole lot extra!

Two of my core values include: Freedom and Groundedness. You have a unique vibration and it’s vitally important for your results that you choose a track that you’re going to actually stick with that feels free and grounding for you. The track that’s going to take you outside your comfort zone but not so far out that you quit halfway through. (you know what I’m talking about! hello gym!)


If you choose to go lightning fast (3 months): This is a great track for you if you know you thrive on short-intense-and have a tendency to make big changes when the pressure is on. Not for the faint of heart and not for you if you have 10,000 things already on your plate. If that’s you, check out the other two options! For this track: I suggest 3 calls/month for 3 months and then the VIP Experience at the end of month 3.


If you choose to go moderate speed (4 months) *recommended: This is the track I recommend the most if you aren’t sure because it’s a nice balance of structure and also space for you to process, but not so much space that you fall off the track. For this track: I suggest 3 calls/month for months 1 and 2, taper it down to 2 calls for month 3 and then a call at the top of month 4 and to wrap up your journey, end with your VIP experience at the end of month 4.


If you choose to go slower speed (5 months): This is great if you have a ton going on in your life and 3 calls/month at anytime just seems like too much. However, to get results at this speed, you’ve got to be very self-motivated and committed to practicing your exercises on the weeks when we don’t meet or it’s easy to go backwards. For this track: I suggest 2 calls/month for 4 months, 1 call for month 5 + your VIP Experience at the end of month 5.


  • How much is it?

The total value of this program with bonuses included is $3,366.

Your investment is $2000. (you save $1,366).

You may pay in full or choose 4 monthly auto-payments of $500. (no extra charge for payment plan)

There are no refunds for coaching sessions.


  • What will I get?

Being a completely transformed version of yourself. The you you actually love. Being a magnet for what you want. Feeling free of other people’s shit who have held you back from being you once and for all. More love. More peace of mind. Finally taking control of negative thoughts and feeling more free and balanced than you ever have. It is different for every single person and while I can never guarantee a result, a big part of your transformation will depend on how much you are willing to be open and committed to the process. That’s how magic happens!

This program includes:

The pre-assessment/intuitive review +

10 transformation sessions including the intuitive reading

unlimited private email access to me

the VIP Experience

and the 2 bonuses


Ready to get started?

  • Click here to apply. *I only take a limited number of clients for this program per quarter as it’s super important to me to give my clients lots of private attention and make triple sure that I’m confident I’m the right person to help you and that we’re a great fit! (that’s how magic happens!) Completing the application doesn’t obligate you to join, but it does get the process started. If you think this program might be what you need, I invite you to apply.


  • You’ll get an email back either way within 48 business hours. If your application is accepted, we’ll hop on the phone for a no-obligation 15-minute intro call where you can ask me questions about the program, get a feel for my style and if we agree it’s a fit, we’ll move forward! If not, it may just not be the right time or I may just know that I’m not the best person to help you and will refer you to someone I know who may be perfect!


  • After we agree to work together, we’ll send you everything you need to get started via email including agreeing on a track for you, setting up payments, your pre-assessment, a coaching agreement and we’ll set up on first call and get the party started!