Ladies, have you ever agonized over…

  • Whether to get back with your ex or not? Has anything really changed or am I just stupidly making the same mistake again?
  • Should I stay friends with my ex?
  • His online profile was seemed so good, what the hell happened?
  • Why doesn’t he just pick up the damn phone instead of constantly texting me?

And…the big one…

  • Why do I keep dating the same person in a different package?


It’s like you have a tattoo on your forehead that says I love commitment-phobes, guys that can’t keep a job or drunks!

Believe it or not, answering these questions or stopping those patterns is easier than you think. If you just said: Yeah, right!

Think again…what if it was true that it was easier than you thought to understand what’s going on in your dating world?


We’ve got the answers. And so we created a brand-new audio series called:

“The Dating Mirror Downloads: Your Top 3 Dating Dilemmas Demystified!”


Life is always going to have challenges but you can go from not seeing red flags to realizing that you’re just about to bonk your head on a flagpole in no time flat! We know, because we’ve done it.


Here’s specifically what you’ll get:

 Six MP3’s on Three topics

 Part 1: Dealing with Exes

1) how to use a foolproof formula to decide confidently whether to get back with him or stay broken up once and for all 2) how to determine if being friends with your ex is the right thing for YOU.


Part 2: Online Dating (like you’ve never heard it talked about before) 1) Secrets of reading an online profile that are hidden in plain view  2) What to notice once you’re on a date that can save you months of wasting your time with someone.


Part 3: Communication Strategies 1) How can I get him to stop texting me and call me? 2)

The reason you keep dating the same guy in a different package.


Why is that last one under communication strategies? You’ll find out!


Here’s the irony in this information…once you know it, it’s intuitive, before you know it, it’s not because you’ve trained yourself not to see it! Now, after some simple, affordable, listening and re-training, you’ll be on to a better, more empowered version of yourself.


Okay, some of you are still skeptical. Understandable. We’ve been hurt too. And we know it can be hard to believe that anything out there can make a difference in what seems like you’re caught in a spiralling vortex going doooooooowwwwwwwnnnnnn…..


We want this to be a no-risk, no-brainer for you, so we’re making a guarantee. If you listen to all of the MP3’s and you don’t feel that the information can change anything for you we’ll refund your money within 30 days of your purchase. But we doubt we’ll get any refund requests. We KNOW how much this information has changed our lives and we know how much it can change yours.


Secondly, the sweeten the deal we’re offering some special bonuses for people that want to take their lives to the next level…



Diana Dorell