5 Roadblocks That Keep You

From Your 5-star Life

  • Do you feel frustrated and unsatisfied with one area of your life, knowing that you’re meant for more?
  • Do you tend to second-guess yourself and doubt your decisions?
  • Do you know you could shine brighter and put yourself out there more, but you feel scared or blocked in some way?

Newsflash sister.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • Identify the top 5 most common roadblocks that keep you stuck in your relationships, finances, career and even spiritual life.
  • The real reason why people get stuck at a certain income level or unhealthy relationship dynamic
  • The obvious signal most people choose to override or ignore that impact your ability to feel confident in your decision-making
  • 3 easy fixes you can make in your living space to dramatically increase your energy level
  • Finally you’ll learn of an opportunity to completely un-block and create a plan to help you feel more confident, more aligned with your Soul Purpose and on track to realizing that dream in your head.

You may feel guilty for wanting what you want.

Or feel like “Who am I to ask for that?”

I know.

I’ve been there.

And I can tell you that on the other side of that negative tape we tell ourselves is a world of fun, pleasure, love and massive joy and abundance.

And for the past six years, I have helped hundreds of clients from all walks of life to trust their intuition and

  • have the courage to leave a job that left them unsatisfied and design their dream side hustle
  • heal past blocks to attract new love and romance without pushing it away
  • feel confident in standing on their own two feet and releasing family patterns that kept them stuck emotionally from going for what they really wanted
  • increasing business revenue by 40% by doing less (and actually pleasuring themselves!)
  • finding their dream home in the perfect location for the amount of money they wanted to pay (or sometimes less!)

and most importantly

loving themselves and their lives! Are you ready to check off dreams on your bucket list and actually take that dream trip, create that clothing line or experience that thing that seems out of reach?

It’s totally possible!

And so much more.

When I say 5-star life, I’m not talking about private jets and fancy restaurants (unless that’s what truly makes your Soul sing, which if that’s the case, awesome!)

I’m talking about feeling powerful and confident that you can create whatever you want.

That you are no longer held back by what other people want for you.

Or the self-imposed limiting thoughts you are telling yourself about what’s possible.

It’s about raising your energetic bar.


It all starts with the first step.

You must identify the markers of how you get in your own way.

I’ve uncovered FIVE roadblocks that you must avoid if you want to shift your energy around this.

It’s not rocket science.

They are actually super simple and within your control to change.

But most people overlook them and then wonder why they are still exactly in the same spot they were before.

Are you ready to learn?

Why should you listen to me?

I’m not a millionaire. (yet)

I’m not some guru on the mountain top spouting Sanskrit who has all the secrets to the Universe.

And I don’t have the perfect body or relationship.

But what I do have is life experience manifesting miracles in my life and helping others do the same.

Creating and living a lifestyle based on intuitive knowing vs logic and what you “should do.”

Never worked with me before? Here’s what some of my peeps have to say:

andrea s

“I used to over-think my major decisions and now I proactively check in with my intuition which has really helped. I know that I am on the right track because I can feel it. It has made me feel more confident about my choices. I am also becoming more and more aware of what my intuition is trying to tell me during the day.”

— Andrea S.

dorrel v

“My decision making  skills that needed to be addressed have improved and I find myself more confident and content with the new decisions I have made in my personal and work life. I have stopped trying to second guess myself and just trust in my intuition by reinforcing the knowing as being true to myself whatever the outcome.”

— Dorel V.


“After talking to Diana, I honestly feel more centered, conscious, and more in charge of my life, instead of feeling victim to my old stories. I feel like it’s a whole new chapter. All her intuitions and visions were so spot on and her communication with my guides and past lives resonated so much! I feel like things make so much more sense to me now. I feel more ready than I ever have to have the relationship I’ve always imagined.”

— Sally H.

About Your Facilitator:

Diana Dorell is a certified Intuitive Relationship Coach and Healer committed to helping women un-block and become magnetic in their personal relationships/love life and have it all without having to lose themselves or compromise their femininity. She is the founder of the Five Star Love Life™ Program. A third-generation modern medicine woman, Diana blends the spiritual world with the material/practical world using her natural healing gifts, numerology, Reiki and uncanny intuition to help her clients. She has led workshops on how to trust your intuition all over the US and was recently a speaker at the State of Now #140conf in New York City last summer along with Deepak Chopra, Ann Curry and others. She is currently host of The Diana Dorell Show on BlogTalkRadio and is preparing to release her first hardcover book on dating and intuition later this winter. She is truly honored to be helping others feel fabulous, sparkly and adored in their relationships, starting with themselves.