Free Manifesting Tools

Here’s what you’ll learn in this training:

  • Identify the top 5 most common roadblocks that keep you stuck in your relationships, finances, career and even spiritual life.
  • The real reason why people get stuck at a certain income level or unhealthy relationship dynamic
  • The obvious signal most people choose to override or ignore that impact your ability to feel confident in your decision-making
  • 3 easy fixes you can make in your living space to dramatically increase your energy level
  • Finally you’ll learn of an opportunity to completely un-block and create a plan to help you feel more confident, more aligned with your Soul Purpose and on track to realizing that dream in your head.

I’m sharing some of my spiritual secrets to manifesting that have helped me and my clients:

    • manifest a trip to Italy (fully paid for and in the height of the summer tourist season)
    • call in their dream guy or girl
    • increase their quarterly revenue by over 38% by doing less
    • find a place to live in New York City for less than $1000 in the exact location desired
    • find the courage to leave their day job and start their dream business
    • re-kindle a relationship with a family member
    • and much more!

In this call you will learn:

  • The Soul-clarifying question that you can ask yourself to increase your productivity by at least 60%
  • My simple Feng-Shui go-to tip that helped my client let go of her ex (finally!) and helped a business owner become the go-to person in his industry
  • A visualization tool involving stilettos that you can use at the drop of a hat to help you gain more respect and feel more confident (I love this one so much!)
  • A channeled Angel prayer for how to release anger, frustration and guilt that’s keeping you from shining bright
  • You will learn of a great opportunity to help you completely re-wire your energy and master our mind so you can get what you want at a Soul level