are you tired of getting sucked my other people’s energy? visualize this!

Have you ever had a situation where you come into a room feeling peaceful and chill…and after a brief interaction with an anxious person, you too leave feeling anxious..and confused?

In this video, you’ll learn a very simple 3-step process and visualization to help you manage your own energy level and stop getting sucked into other people’s stuff!

This week’s Soul question: Have you ever gotten pulled in by another person’s energy? What helped you? Share with us in the comments below!

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don’t let this slow your flow

Has this ever happened to you?

You want a relationship.

Or a job.

Or a home.

You’ve gotten specific. You’ve checked to make sure it’s a true desire vs. a passing want. And you’re taking action and also waiting for signs to keep going and pass Go.

But nothing much seems to be happening.

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Sometimes it’s truly about Divine timing and we just have to be more patient and shift the focus to appreciating all the abundance, love, money, etc already present.

Other times, it’s that we need to tweak and be more clear on what we’re asking for.

Or we need to take different action.

But sometimes it’s something else that could be slowing your flow.

It’s subtle, but very very important.

It’s because we are emotionally attached and energetically hooked into that thing we want from a place of fear.

We’ve all done it (myself included!) and what it’s really saying to the Universe is “Please give me that thing. I need it. I need it so badly. I’m afraid I won’t get it. So I’m going to cling and focus so hard on it so you know that it’s really mine…. and could you please give it to me now so I can stop worrying about losing it?”

I liken it to a child squeezing their pet so hard that the thing literally yelps and trying to escape its grasp.

And most importantly, it needs to feel the energy of genuine joy and passion to be drawn to you. Very different than fear and anxiety.

Especially if what you are trying to call in is a relationship.

So…what can you do about it?

Here it is: Shift your perception from what you’re going to get to what you will bring to this this that you’re asking for.

Ask yourself: “What can I bring to this person/situation/etc?” It could be something simple like, laughter and fun.

In short: pour your passion into it vs. worrying about what you aren’t getting/are getting from it.

And here’s the cool part: Then…the Universe gives you more anyway. Way more. Like blow your mind, whoa-really-I-get-all-this more.

I’m not totally sure why it works that way, but it’s just been my personal experience.

Who would you rather date? The giver or the taker?

Which one are you drawn to?

Be the giver and you will get, naturally.


Now over to you beautiful Soul!

Q: What is one quality that you feel you bring to a relationship (or whatever it is that you are currently desiring)? Declare it in the comments below and let’s rev up your manifesting energy for the upcoming new Moon!


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