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full moon in luscious taurus…your message inside!

Happy Wed and…full moon! This is such a vibrant week and relationships take the spotlight. Full Moon in Taurus mixed with Uranus, planet of “doing things differently” is the quintessential odd couple. Taurus is a sign of stability, steadiness and the material world-tangible things like your worldly possessions, money, “stuff”, body/sex joins the planet Uranus, […]

can I assert myself + still be feminine?

Happy Wed! How are you? It’s Q+A time! Today’s Q+A from our community: “Diana, I struggle with feeling comfortable asserting myself and standing up for myself. I’ve been told that that’s not “feminine” and I am trying to be more in my feminine to attract a soul mate relationship. Can I do both? Where should […]

you know more than you think you do…

So often we say “I don’t know” when asked about what to do in a certain situation. But the truth is, we always know something. Sometimes we only know a piece of information and we need to ask more questions. Other times, we know but we wish we didn’t because once you know something, well you […]

your 3-card intuitive message

Happy Wed and October! Hope is in the air! As we begin the month, it’s so important to take stock of how far you’ve come-no matter what challenges may have arisen last month, it’s the perfect week to take the lessons from before and apply them to your deepest desires. As it relates to relationships, […]