Sparkle Seat Series: Angie

Happy Tuesday! 

Do you have big dreams and aren’t sure how to break them down to make them a reality? 

In this month’s Sparkle Seat series, Diana coaches Angie, who is interested in building her own business while juggling other responsibilities. 

If you’ve ever wanted to increase your confidence to go for it-whether it is in finally taking steps towards your big dream, entering a new relationship or starting a business from scratch using your gifts and talents, you will love this coaching segment!

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How to Trust Yourself + Stop Being Such a People Pleaser (Special Video!)

Happy Tuesday!

Can I share something super different and exciting with you?

Today I am thrilled to announce the first of six interviews in a series I’m calling “The Sparkle Seat Series” where you get to have an insider view into a live coaching session with a member of our fabulous community!

Once a month, through the end of 2021, we will be featuring a different Goddess who have been chosen to sit down, receive coaching around a specific area of their life that feels out of balance or where they would like to feel more empowered…and the best part? They want to share it with all of you.

These are unscripted conversations…each one is a bit different and my intent is that by watching/listening, you receive exactly the take-away you need for yourself. 

Today’s first Sparkle interview is with Nichole!

Themes that came out during our chat:

  • setting boundaries + retiring the rescuer 
  • transitioning out of a job and stepping out into the unknown to purpose bigger Purpose
  • what blocks you from making the right decision and what to do instead

There were SO many nuggets that came out of this interview. 

One quote: “Be the woman who stops overcompensating.” 

Typically, these lasted about 30 min. But this one went close to 1 hour and there was so much juiciness in it, I wanted to make sure you got it ALL!

Watch and get inspired BELOW! And be sure to share the video with a friend!