be still

Happy Wednesday!

This week is Thanksgiving in the US and the biggest message I hear is this:

“Blessings are everywhere if you stop to be still.”

But gosh darn it, we live in a society where being still is equated with being lazy.

Or unproductive.

Or frivolous.

Be still? I have too much to do! Who has time to be still?

But if you are desiring love or more spiritual connection, creating time to be still is not just good energy maintenance. It’s essential to building your intuitive muscles, so you can actually hear what it’s trying to tell you and you stop repeating the same unhealthy patterns that don’t get you the results you want.

It’s the voice that says:

“Email that person…let them know about your idea.”…and you do and you end up with a publishing contract for the book that’s been sitting on your hard drive forever!

“Go out with him, even though he doesn’t look like the guys you are normally attracted to..and you do and you end up going on an 8-hour, amazing date!”

“Tell them how you feel, even if it’s!” and you do and end up saving a friendship and coming closer together than ever before.

By the way, all three of those scenarios are based on true accounts from clients and colleagues.

So how do you do it? Be still.

Step 1: Write down a compelling reason.

The logical mind likes tangibles. So get out a sheet of paper and write down exactly what you desire this still time to help you cultivate. As you write it you are sending a strong signal out to the Universe about your intent and your practice has an anchor and point of focus.

Step 2: Decide on a time.

Again, I’m a huge fan in timers-my iPhone makes it super easy to set 3 minutes and have a beautiful chime go off after my quiet meditation time is over. The most important thing is that it be something you can be consistent with daily. So if it’s 1 min, start there.

Step 3: Define your space and stillness activity

If you’re anything like me, sitting still can be really really challenging. So more than the actual physical stillness, is the mental and verbal stillness. Get creative and get into your body if you tend to do the mental spiraling out thing.

Ex: Maybe you decide your “still” time is literally your walk to the mailbox but you don’t bring your cellphone or any other distractions with you. Turn off all gadgets (except for your timer) and remind yourself to just be quiet and mindful as you walk.

That’s it!

Especially during holiday times when a ton of family dynamics or conflicting emotions come up, having a stillness practice can save your sanity!

Q: What is one of your big intentions for 2018? Are you willing to be still to tune into the stirrings and nudges from your intuition to support that? Share with me in the comments!

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mea culpa

“‘I’ve been searching for ways to heal myself, and I’ve found that kindness is the best way.”-Lady Gaga

Happy Tuesday!

Today’s Q+A from the community is around oopsies.

Or what I call mea culpas.

Q: Diana, I said something I totally regret to someone I care about. I got caught up in the moment and I can’t take back what I said because it was via text. I feel terrible and I don’t know what to do.

A: I love this question! Because it’s not really about just this situation, is it? It’s about how to manage the emotions within you that come up after you let something out that is less than aligned or in flow.

Here are 4 steps to be kind to yourself after a mea culpa:

  1. Feel the feels.

You can’t pretend anger isn’t there. Or embarrassment. Or whatever other emotion prompted the mea culpa. Let yourself feel it and it doesn’t own you. It moves through you. My favorite methods? Journaling, writing it on a post-it and putting it in my Worry Box. And dancing it out with Pandora, my Goddess music sidekick. We’ve worked a lot of shi_ out over the years.

  1. Talk to your small self.

The small self is the one inside you that is afraid, that lashes out, that worries too much about what others think of her. She often just wants to be heard and seen. So, find a comfy seat, grab a hot beverage and ask her (out loud or on paper): “What do you want me to know? What do you need to express? I promise I will just listen to you.” And then shut up and listen. Let it flow out of you. Wisdom comes when there’s space to be heard without judgement.

  1. Thank her. Thank all involved.

If you subscribe to the belief that the Universe is 1000% on your side and that everything that happens to you is meant to aid in your spiritual and personal growth, then after you’ve gone through the first two steps, you can move to gratitude. Authentic gratitude, not that love and light crap masqueraded in rage 🙂

  1. Surrender.

One of my favorite prayers to say once I’ve cleared the first three steps: (it’s yours if you want it)

“I now forgive myself for any hurt I may have inflicted in this situation, intentional or unintentional. I now turn this over to you 100%. If there are any actions I can take to bring peace and balance to this situation, make it abundantly, unmistakably clear. And if not, give me the courage to be still and trust that you are handling this. Thank you! And so it is!”

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