A great mantra if you struggle with speaking your truth

You will piss people off but…


Ps: it’s the perfect time to release and clear out the old! Join me for Full Moon Healing Salon happening on the Full Moon, Sunday, April 29 @5pm PST!

What you get:
*I will be leading everyone through a full moon energy blessing and energy bath with the Angels (think sparkly high vibe tingly energy and releasing all the shit that’s been piling up in your cells over the retrograde and past two weeks!)

*a group channeled Angel message

*everyone who signs up gets a Full moon Angel card pull!

 When: Sunday, April 29 @5pm PST

15 is the number of Divine alchemy and it is the number I’m maxing this at.

How much is it?

$33 USD. That is my favorite number and is also the number of the Master Creative! Everything is intentional!

Want to join the Sparkly Full Moon Goddess Spiritual Salon?

Go here: www.paypal.me/dianadorell/33

ps: I will put a message at the top of this post when the spots are filled! These will go quickly.

It will be recorded and you can email in your question if you can’t make it live 

3 signs your intuitive voice is speaking to you!

Happy Wed!

Today’s Q+A is about intuition!

Q: “Sometimes I don’t know if my intuition is trying to give me a message or if I’m just making it up. My emotions tend to be all over the place and I can’t tell if I’m hearing an actual message or if it’s something I should just ignore.”

Great question! 

When it is truly your intuitive voice, there are specific signs that will help you know it’s authentic.

Here are 3 signs your intuitive voice is trying to get your attention vs. a message of fear or passing whimsical emotion!

ps: 3 more days to join me + a group of fantastic Lightworkers for Bullet Proof Intuition: 5 Weeks to Master the Art of Decision-Making LIVE!


Love and Massive Blessings, Abundance and Joy,

your april message from the angels

Happy Wednesday and April!

I don’t know about you but coming off the heels of the Libra Full Moon, you may have sensed new beginnings are in the air! 

I went to ballet class for the first time in a long time and I am so sore but grateful I went! 

Nothing like tapping back into a creative outlet you haven’t explored to remind you what’s available outside your comfort zone.

One of my personal goals has been to pay more loving attention to my body and focus on radiant health. 

What is one of yours?

Did you happen to see the free interview series I am a part of? If not, please click here to check it out. I had so much fun being a part of it and if one of your goals is to also be more conscious about your health and body love, I know you will love it too!

April: Angelic Grounding. Stability. Collaborations.

Whenever the season changes, connecting with your Angels and revisiting your desires can be such a healing practice. 

Often times, I myself forget that I don’t have to go at it all alone and there are these wonderful Beings of Light that want to help you, if only you ask them! 


To kick us off, I’m delighted to share that the first week of every new month, I’ll be sharing a 3-card past-present-future Angel forecast reading for everyone so you can get a feel for the different themes the month holds!

Watch the video below + hear April’s message!

Love and Angel Blessings for a fabulous April!


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It is the first time in three years that I have taught an intuitive training course like this! Now more than ever before we need more people who are shining their light and not letting doubt, insecurity or second-guessing get in the way of their Divine Purpose.

Check it out here and consider joining me and some amazing Lightworkers!