when your intuition is wrong (Q+A!)

Does your intuition seem to be working on overdrive?

Is it really your intuition? Or is it something else?

It’s Q+A time-where I take your questions from the community.

Today’s question:
“Diana, I had a dream about my ex and getting married. It’s definitely a sign from my intuition that I should call him and re-connect, right?”

A: Will calling him move you closer where you want to be or further away?  
Sometimes our subconscious just needs to work something out. It doesn’t always mean we need to leap to conclusions or take the dreams literally. If you ask your intuition and sit quietly with the possibility of contacting them, you’ll get a definite answer to the first question I posed by how you feel before you act rashly and regret it later by eating lots of chocolate and pizza. (been there, done that.. and it doesn’t feel very good!)

There’s a difference between listening to your Intuition and totally giving your power away to avoid having to tune into yourself and take grounded, concrete action.

So, taking the time to identify where you’re at with the question posed above can help you discern.

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is love blind?

Happy Wednesday!

Have you heard of or seen the Netflix show, Love is Blind? 

If not, don’t worry-neither had I…until I got asked to be interviewed about it on national syndicated radio last month for Channel Q!

The premise of this show if you haven’t seen it is that pairs are put in “pods” (rooms where they can only hear each other and not see each other) and from that interaction, supposedly move to the next phase of the relationship.

And it begs the Q:

Can you fall in love with someone you’ve never met (aka “seen”) ahead of time?

What do you think? 

Check out my answer here from the show 

VIP: If you don’t want to listen to them interview the stars of the show/commercials, etc you can skip straight to my answer by going to timestamp: 1:02ish min

is it a deposit or a withdrawal?

Happy Wednesday!

Today (April 15th) is tax day for many of us in the US and it got me thinking about relationships.

How in any given relationship, we are either gaining energy and enjoyment/insight or losing energy.

Kind of like money.

The relationships that drain you are like overdraft withdrawals in your checking account.

They feel like you’re well…overdrawn energetically.

Resentment, annoyance, frustration, etc can come up because deep down, some part of you knows that the exchange feels ‘off’ in some way.

And the ones that lift you up feel like deposits-they add life and value to your life.

NOTE: I’m not saying that every single interaction with someone has to be you giving or you receiving all the time-it’s about how you feel in your body.

There are times when our “output” to others feels natural and loving and it energizes you.

But that’s different than giving or engaging with someone who is constantly taking and giving nothing to you back in terms of joy, engagement, etc.

Does that make sense?

Apply it this week: Examine the relationships in your life. If you like specifics, let’s go with 3 people.

Q: On the scale of deposits to overdraft withdrawals, how would you rate that relationship?

What changes do you want to make to bring it more into balance?

Share with me by hitting reply or leaving a comment on the blog.

Here’s to joyful connections and more life!

how to release negative energy so you can rock your relationships

Happy Wed!

Have you ever found it hard to communicate because of all this trapped emotion inside of you?

They may not even be your emotions but if they aren’t given a place to be released or expressed, this energy has nowhere to go and you can easily shut down in relationships or feel weird/blocked.

This happened with a client of mine who, like many of us, was never given the green light in her childhood to have her own feelings.

She was taught to please others and to keep her emotions at bay.

When it came time to form adult relationships with men, she had a tendency to shut down or feel afraid that they would leave if she expressed her needs and desires.

She quickly picked up on the tool I’m about to share with you and began, for the first time, to feel safe in her body.

To feel safe to express herself (even when she feels afraid).

And she’s now attracting the attention of high-quality men who value and see her for the radiant Goddess she is!

Even if you are in a relationship, this tool can help you to sift through difficult emotions so you can think clearly and be heard.

Ready to learn it?

Q: What happened when you tried this? Share with us in the comments!

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your April message is here!

April is an awesome, action-packed month and I want to share what you can expect from an energetic standpoint.

If you’re new here, welcome!

Each month, at the top of the month, I share a Goddess Guidance Oracle Message and pull fun Goddess oracle cards for each week to help give you an overview of what to expect.

Watch here:

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