your July goddess guidance video’s up!

Happy July!

Are you ready for some new energy?

I love that today’s newsletter falls on July 1, the first day of a pivotal, liberating month.

If you are new to my community, welcome! I’m so glad you are here.

I’ve put together a video with the overview of what you can expect this month and I decided to experiment!

Usually when I do these, I pull cards ahead of time and interpret them ahead of time.

This month, I pulled them…but did not turn them over until I made the video!

So you get to see real-time channeling and I love being surprised by Spirit!

It’s a great month for relationships and the 3 key words are:

  • Independence
  • Rebirth
  • Regeneration

Watch it below and after you do, please leave a comment-I’d love to hear what you think!

Your June Goddess Guidance Oracle message is inside!

Happy June!

Wohooo! We made it to June!

What can you expect for the month?

Check out this month’s Goddess Guidance Oracle message video, where I pull a card for each week of the month AND give you some key dates to watch out for (this June has several you’ll want to mark down!)

Go here to check it out below.

ps: I am so thrilled to see all of you signed up for this month’s Awaken: 21 Days to Embrace Your Inner Goddess! If you would like to join us, regular registration is still open, so go here to secure your spot! We kick off June 14!