your magical march!

Happy March to you!

If you are new to my world, welcome-I’m so happy you are here. Every first week of the month, I share a Goddess Guidance Oracle message so you can get a feel for what to expect in the month and tune into your own intuition too!

March’s theme is “self-acceptance.”

From self-acceptance, you tap into your power and when it comes to relationships, this is a great month to:

  • reset your boundaries 
  • let go of negative self-talk that isn’t helping you attract awesome relationships
  • express how you feel to another (and yourself!) so energy can move.

Go here to watch the video (I pull a card for each week of the month-be sure to get a sheet of paper and pen out and you can pause the video after each card to get your own intuitive nudges!)

It’s a packed month, but one thing to remember is that you don’t have to go at it alone.

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Have a wonderful March!

Feb 2020 Goddess Guidance Oracle Message

Key words for the month: compromise. collaboration. passion. partnership!

Feb is Self Love month, so any opportunity you can create for yourself that is nourishing and feeds you on an emotional and spiritual level will only benefit you.

If you’re new to my community, welcome!

Every first week of the month, I share a Goddess Guidance message video.

Grab a paper and pen and enjoy!

After you watch, share with me in the comments:
Q: What card spoke to you the most? What are you most excited about for Feb?

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