Happy Tuesday and official changing of seasons to you!

What’s one of your goals right now as we come to the last quarter of the year?

One of mine is committing to moving my body daily-I’ve been experimenting with waking up a little earlier and taking myself out for a walk before I even walk the dogs.

I think today is my day 5 and it feels amazing!

Some days I listen to a podcast, others, I talk to my best friend on the East Coast and others, I just check out the scenery and go radio silent.

It got me thinking about how so often when we are trying to manifest something, how easy it is to feel deflated when other people in your world have what you want.

Or you start to get bombarded with reminders from the outside world that in fact, you don’t have what you want.

Nanny nanny boo boo!

But that can actually help you manifest faster if you are open to this simple adjustment.

Come and take a walk with me and I’ll share it with you!

ps: Did you know that this Friday is the Full Moon???

Want to join me + my awesome friend Gema Martin, an astrologer originally from Spain now living in NYC who has agreed to come on Zoom and share what we can expect + do a few mini-astrology readings for peeps who join us live?

Free, but RSVP here: Click here and I’ll make sure you get the Zoom link.

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