Can You Radically Accept Yourself?

Happy Tuesday!

In honor of July’s theme of radical self-acceptance, are you willing to let go of the negative chatter in your head?

I have had a tendency in the past to worry about everything-what could go wrong, what I may have done wrong or not good enough.

My dad would often find me as a little girl in my room obsessing for days about how I phrased something to a friend, what a teacher said, what I did or didn’t do.

At some point, he just laughed and said something to the effect of, “I guess that’s just what you do-worrying is just part of your process.”

The truth is, sometimes it feels really hard to let go.

It feels near impossible to shut up my mind and love myself when I get into those worry loops.

But the willingness and desire to move into a more self-loving, self-accepting space is the first step.

I wish I could have told my 10-year old self that.

I wish I could tell her, “This worry obsession doesn’t have to be part of your process forever…you may make ‘mistakes’ and people may do and say shit that hurts you or you feel like you hurt them. But you are lovable just the same. And it’s okay to not be perfect because no one is!”

If you too have struggled with some negative nellies in your head, you’ll love this month’s Mantra:

“I release negative self-talk now. I choose to radically accept myself.”

How to use it:
In quiet moments where you feel fears rising up in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and say the mantra above. Say it three times with deep feeling. Notice how you feel.

Will you play with this over the week and let me know how it goes? Hit reply or share a comment on the blog!

Remember, it’s never about perfection-that’s not the goal.

The goal is to stay open to a kinder, gentler space for yourself. That’s it. Okay?

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