Are you in a spirit waiting room? 3 things you can do!

Are you in a spirit “waiting room?”

You know you’re in a spirit waiting room when:

    • you feel like you are in-between exiting your old life and entering a new, unknown one

    • you feel pressured to make a decision about your new life but every time you try, your energy gets scattered

  • You have a deep desire to just escape your current situation or you crave lots and lots of quiet time (even if you’re very outgoing and social normally!)

I call it the “Waiting Room” because it really can feel like being in a doctor’s office. You aren’t usually alone in the waiting room, but you feel like you are. There are those well-worn, boring magazines that are usually not what you want to read, but it makes the time go faster and you can avoid making lots of conversation or eye contact with the other people there. You may have to fill out forms to share what is going on with you, but you can’t seem to find the right words (or you may even feel compelled to write, “I don’t know!”) and you may not know why it’s happening or what the diagnosis is going to be. It can be unnerving and uncomfortable.


But it’s a necessary part of the process of getting to the other side of the counter.


And when it comes to your emotions and your relationships, the waiting room is a time-out AND cause for celebration.. See, if you’re in the “spirit waiting room,” it’s your Soul’s wake-up call that something is getting re-arranged inside of you. Shifted. There may need to be more space for what you say you REALLY want and that entails letting go of what is no longer YOU.


It’s not easily described in words and the answers are never black or white. In fact, during this waiting room period, you may find yourself writing down more questions than insights. And that’s perfect!


The good news is that the Waiting Room is TEMPORARY.

Discomfort is TEMPORARY.

But so often, we want to just skip the waiting room, hop over the counter and just ask for the prescription!

I want to know NOW NOW NOW! Just tell me what’s going to happen so I don’t waste my time with…dating X person, entering into X job, or stressing out about when X is going to happen so I can finally be happy.

Sorry. Your Soul is wiser than that and it just doesn’t work that way!


Yes, we are here to get clarity. Insights? Absolutely. But above all, we are here to EXPERIENCE and GROW.


And if you’re constantly “popping pills” aka trying to take detours to avoid the Waiting Room, you’re just going to wind up attracting in the SAME lesson with different people, jobs or situations in the future.


Popping Pills Can Look Like:


    • Taking yet ANOTHER class/workshop/certification so you don’t actually have to ever go out there and live your dream

    • Staying in a stagnant relationship OR avoiding long-term relationships altogether because you’re afraid of what could happen if you allowed yourself to really be vulnerable

  • Filling up your calendar with busy work, housework or social events so you don’t have to face what’s really going on with your finances


Now, I just made up the 3 situations above, but let’s face it. Those are the big ones: Life Purpose, Love and Money. And they all circle back to your relationship with YOURSELF and what you really really want. Peace of mind. Joy. Confidence and trust in YOU.


So, what CAN you do in the waiting room to avoid losing your mind? (actually that would be good, because then you’d finally hear your intuition!) Just kidding.


<S.A.D>  3 AWESOME Things You Can Do In the Waiting Room 


Give up trying to have the whole picture of your new life. Michelangelo said that when we sculpted David, he was freeing the statue from the stone. He didn’t know every single curve ahead of time. He surrendered to the energy of his hands and his intuition. Let go of having to know the end. Focus on the here and now.


It sounds basic, but are you feeding yourself nutritious food or are you escaping into comfort food? Are you taking time to move your body or staying in one place all day? Even 10 minutes can make a world of difference! You’ll also be able to tune into the subtle frequencies of your intuition when you’re not being still, lost in negative, fearful thoughts


It sounds hokey and simplistic, but this really works. One time when I was in the Spirit waiting room freaking out about a guy I was dating and what I should do, I literally allowed myself to space out in a park everyday. I just sat there. Every other day. And stared up at the sky. Or the trees. Very Ferdinand the Bull.  Sometimes nothing magical happened, but I felt more connected to myself. But one day, I came back home and had to write down a 4-page download I received for a new program I wanted to launch that I could never have seen if I had been “thinking” it into existence. And soon after, the relationship in question was no longer a question and I had a great heart-to-heart.


Post your insights to any of the following in the comments section!


  • “Have YOU ever felt like you were in a Spirit Waiting Room?”


  • What is one thing that helped you while you were there?”


  • Which of the 3 S.A.D steps will you implement this week?



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Karmic Connections Part Two: How they affect you in the present…a true story from Diana

Could a past life agreement be keeping you from getting what you want in this lifetime?

I’d love to share a true story with you about a man I was in a relationship with and shared a significant past life with. 

After you read it, be sure to post your comment to the question at the end!


It wasn’t until I was able to first clearly identify these past life agreements and truly release them in a safe space that I was able to break my pattern of attracting men who I could be in partnership with and feel loved and respected in the way that I know I deserved.


True example: Roberto

*name has been changed for privacy

 When I first met Roberto, I knew it was a karmic connection (like I described in an earlier video) because within the first few minutes of our first date, I was intensely triggered emotionally. Everything he said pushed an emotional button for me, but I kept leaning in because my body felt inexpicably drawn to his. It was like my body was on auto-pilot even though my intuition was going, “Red flag! Red flag! Be careful!” Yea…I ignored that voice. He was hot. I figured maybe I was being too picky.

But it wasn’t until I went over to this home for the first time that I started to get the feeling like we had had a very significant past life together. He had this huge wall hanging up of an Aztec warrior holding this Aztec princess on the ground. When I saw it, I gasped and he smiled. “It kinda looks like you, doesn’t it?” he said seductively. And he inched closer to me. My face and my body was on fire. Be careful! Be careful! said my intuitive knowing. But, damn, he is HOT! My inner Goddess flirted back. I downed a glass of wine so I wouldn’t have to listen to the first voice anymore for the rest of the night. I stared at the wall hanging more closely.It looked EXACTLY like me and my hair stood on end. Without thinking about it, I blurted out, “I bet you have lots of corn stored up and stuff to make a fire in case the world ends, in the back left corner of your house, right?” He stared at me for what felt like an eternity.

 “Yes! I haven’t told anyone that. How did you know that?” (Shit, I thought. Here we go….)

 How did I know that? I just did…and I could see pictures of both of us in the Aztec community, doing some kind of marriage ritual. He was like this King, all the women loved him. And he loved the attention. I was kind of in the background even though I was supposed to be the focus of the ritual. I felt resentful, alone, betrayed by my own family.There were lots of people. Colors. Words I didn’t understand. I closed my eyes and drank more wine. This was going to be an interesting night.


I felt incredibly on edge, off-kilter and unsafe emotionally (I just never felt like I could trust this guy) but again, my body didn’t care. And so began a crazy roller-coaster, sex-fueled six month affair with Mr. Aztec. The entire time we were together, I felt myself progressively shrinking energetically and whenever the evening was over, it was the SAME pattern. I’d be EXHAUSTED and I’d feel small. Just yea..small and like my Light was dimmed somehow. And he’d have all this energy, his skin would be glowing and he’d say, “I just feel like I am a KING when I’m with you! Like I can do anything! I’m BIG!”


Now I know better. What was happening was an unhealthy energy exchange. He was taking my Light and I was letting him, giving my power away by the second and getting drained of my core Life Force. I started missing appointments and he started getting new business (he was practically broke when we met, go figure). I had never been more elated, confused, and generally all over the map than during that time with Mr. Aztec. And I was a smart, intuitive woman. Why was I WILLINGLY putting myself in this situation?


The 3 Agreements

Now I know. I had some serious karmic agreements that needed to be brought to the Light, healed and cleared. Among them?

*The belief that my worth was determined by my fertility and sexual desirability.

(In that past life picture, I was a princess, but a princess with no power-once I was married, I lost it all and had to become basically a sex slave).


*The belief that I only deserved what I was given vs. standing up for what I really wanted (In that past life, I was not given the choice of who I was with. That was decided for me from the time I was born.)


*The belief that a good woman’s duty is to her husband and to use her voice or her gifts is selfish. (In that past life, I knew that I was a powerful healer and would lead rain dances and ceremonies for children to help them heal from disease. All those tribal assignments were taken away after the marriage ceremony.)


That information came to me over the course of time in that relationship and afterwards, but if I had had someone to guide me through it, I could have arrived at that clarity a lot quicker.


The way it ended:

One day, my intuition would not be stifled any longer and I just left his house and told him that I couldn’t dim my Light anymore (yes I actually said it like that!) and he and I were finished. He pursued me for months after and as  you probably guessed, I ended up going back for round 2 and round 3 before my head-heart and intuition were finally in agreement that this was NOT good for Diana! Ironically, once I finally was able to let it go, clear up that past life karma and take full responsibility for my choices in that relationships, there is now no weird or unhealthy energy between us and we parted amicably when I moved states. The karma was DONE. Thank Goddess!


The point:

 Past life connections and agreements can keep you stuck unless you consciously identify, clear and release them. Along with those are the limiting core beliefs that get stuck in our subconscious field and when you can rewire that, you free yourself energetically on many levels for new things and people to come your way! (without all the roller coaster drama!)


Your Turn: Fun Question!

Q: Are you already aware of a past life you’ve had? What was it? If not, what era are you drawn to in this lifetime? Why?

Ex: I love 1920’s buildings because they represent Old Hollywood Glamor.  



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Things to do when you find out your ex has moved on….unfiltered!

You broke up a year ago. You’re totally over him. You’re feeling like yourself again.

And then you get on Facebook and innocently check out his page. And BAM! There it is. His relationship status has changed to “in a relationship.”

Or your well meaning friend (thinking you’re over him/her) casually mentions that He/She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named just moved and ps, their new sig-o is wearing a sparkler on a special finger.

Let’s face it, finding out that your ex has moved on SUCKS. There is no easy way around it. It can send us into a spiral of shame, despair, anxiety and bursts of fiery rage!

I’ve been there (actually both of those scenarios are from my life) and luckily there are three things you can DO to get your energy moving out and on from what’s-their-name.


1. Name it!

There is nothing less authentic than pretending that you don’t feel what you do!  So, before you go into …..“I am FINE. I am thinking POSITIVE. I send him and his new girlfriend lots of love and Light” do yourself a favor and LET IT ALL HANG OUT.

Let yourself cry, yell, scream, hit the pillow, laugh. Feel it fully and don’t try to rationalize it. It’s not rational. And it’s okay.

2. List it!

Get out a sheet of paper and write down all the things that you no longer have to deal with by being with this person. Keep it short and sweet and don’t censor yourself. If you’re a Type-A Goddess, I want you to write down at least 5 things.

TIP: Do this in your own handwriting vs. typing as it is easier to stay out of your head.

Ex: He never shaved. She will never tell me that my car hobby is stupid. Etc….This will remind you why you aren’t with them and thank Goddess! It keeps the focus on the space you are creating by not having this person in your intimate space anymore!


3. Affirm it!

One of my favorite mantras for letting go of feeling rejected is “Rejection is Spirit’s protection. Something perfect is on its way.” Say this each day, several times a day if you need to to remind you to focus on expansion vs. going back and dwelling on the past. Your ex is your ex for a reason. End of story.


Your Turn!

Q: What advice do YOU give to your friend who finds out her ex has moved on? Do you have resources, actions or tips you can offer up? Post a comment! You never know who just got off Facebook and desperately needs to hear what you have to say!


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