Ready to ROCK your love life and TRUST your intuition? 2 events you won’t want to miss below!

Today’s insight is a bit different than my usual ones. You see, tomorrow (August 21) is my birthday (wohooo!) and I’d love to invite you to two virtual parties that I’m hosting this month! (one of them is on my actual birthday TOMORROW) Will you come?

See, I don’t know about you, but for me, birthdays are a time of reflection and celebration. I used to get all wrapped up in how much I hadn’t done by X year and get all down on myself, which led to me isolating myself and doing nothing. Well, this was just well, not very fun. So, now I see them as an opportunity to step up my game. To shine as bright as I can even if it’s scary. And to expand and share my message at full wattage, full authenticity, even if it doesn’t vibe with some people or it ruffles a few feathers in the process.

So, that’s why I’ve created these two events for you! I believe you are beautiful, worthy of love and have all the answers you need inside of you. But to really attract the brass ring of success, however you define that, the #1 thing that can help you get there is to TRUST YOUR INTUITION.

Both events below are intended to help you trust your intuition so you can create not just okay relationships in your life, but exceptional ones. And they are free, but like any exclusive, fabulous party, you do have to RSVP!


Party #1: August 21 (My official birthday!)
The Diana Dorell Radio Show: 3 Spiritual Lessons To Help You Trust Your Inner Wisdom
That’s right! I’m hosting an exclusive 30-minute radio segment on Blog Talk Radio and am sharing the top 3 spiritual lessons that have been most influential in my life as I reflect on my last year that helped me learn how to trust in myself (even when the going got hard). I’d also love to take your calls and do some laser coaching with you to help you trust YOUR wisdom!

This Wednesday, August 21
When: 6pm Eastern/5pm Central/3pm Pacific
How to listen:
Call in to speak with me at (619) 924-0894

Party #2: NEXT TUESDAY (August 27) *this is the correct new date!
Where Is My Soul Mate Already? Discover Your Love Blind Spot(s) So You Can Finally Have it All!
If you have been doing affirmations, working on yourself, putting yourself out there and nothing has really changed and you want it to, it could be that you have energetic blocks (I call it your Love Blind Spot) that are making it hard for you to call in a new love. On the call, I will be sharing my personal story with you and you’ll be learning an energetic tool to help you release ties with people and old relationships as well as an exercise that most people don’t know about to help you prepare to meet the love of your life.


***You don’t want to miss this! Even if you can’t make it live, sign up to get the recording. I’m serious! I am going to go FULL OUT on this call and I even pushed the date back (it was originally the 20th) so that I could prepare to offer you up even better, actionable content.

To RSVP, click here:

Have a brilliant, bright week and I look forward to connecting with you at these two events!


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