in a rut? take this phrase out of your vocabulary…

Do you feel like things are stagnant in your life right now?

Are you in a relationship rut?

You are not alone!

A few years ago, I woke up at three am with cold sweats and a piercing awareness that my relationship with the man that was lying beside me was no longer healthy for my Soul…and it was time to go.

I didn’t want to know this information and sometimes our intuition gives us messages we really really would prefer to ignore.

But it was clear as a bell and I remember going over this one phrase in my head that not only kept me up at night but also delayed me moving forward.

I felt powerless, confused, alone and guilty.

But it wasn’t until I was able to take back my power and scrutinize the words I was obsessively looping in my head that I finally felt ready to break free, have the uncomfortable conversation and start to move forward.

It all boiled down to two little words.

And these two little words usually come up when we are feeling stuck or powerless to move through a situation or relationship in my case that’s taken the wind out of sails.

It’s time to cut them out.

Watch the video below to learn what they are and a one-word solution to start taking your power back ASAP.

This week’s Soul question: Have you ever struggled with this? What is one thing has helped you get out of it? Share with us below!

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3 tips to maximize a full moon

Happy Full Moon in Capricorn!

Full Moons are times of release and completion, but this moon specifically is going to help you with setting new frameworks for your relationships!

Watch this video to learn:

  • What must be reset in your energy to have this full moon support you and your desires
  • A clarifying question you can ask yourself to stop distracting yourself and get you what you want in your relationships!
  • A crucial step to making decisions that most people skip to bring you closer to what you want.

After you watch: Which one of the 3 tips will you implement for yourself during this full moon? Leave a comment below!

Thanks again for watching!

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krishna + a magical story about stepping into your ‘queen’ self

So as you may remember, not so long ago, I finally listened to my back’s signs and bought a new mattress.

What I didn’t share in that post was that I got myself a full size even though I really wanted a queen size.

I’ve had a full size for as long as I can remember but something kept saying, “Diana you are totally ready for a queen. Why are you holding back?”

Part 1: Being Comfortable

I ignored my intuitive hunches.


I’m not quite sure. A full was…fine. It was… comfortable. I was used to it. I also just didn’t feel like getting a new box spring or deal with putting together a new frame, blah, blah, blah. Excuses.

You: This is how it can be with love.

We get so used to what is comfortable, even though it has stopped serving our Path anymore.

We stay far too long in a relationship (or invest in being single even though we want to be with a partner) because we’re afraid.

Afraid of the changes we’d have to make, or that we perceive we’d have to give up in order to have what we truly desire.

Part 2: Being Aware of Mirrors

But the funny thing was that once the full arrived, it literally was too big for the frame and box spring I had! It spilled out on the sides and was too long! Almost like I’d bought a queen, but not quite. I called it an “Almost Queen.”

And I laughed out loud, because I had just had a conversation with a girlfriend about how it’s time for us to step into our fullest Queen Self to empower even more women…but that I still felt like I wasn’t quite ready. I had long left my “Princess-damsel-in-distress-come-rescue-me” self behind but Queen? I still felt a teeny bit out of my league.

And my bed reflected that! It was too big for what I had, too small to be in a queen!

You: Reflecting on yourself, perhaps in one of your relationships you may be in the same place. Clear on where you want to go, but not quite feeling worthy/ready/sure you’re ready to be the woman you need to be to have it.

Pay attention to the mirrors in your life. Where is your environment reflecting your current self-image? What does it say? Is it what you want?

Simply notice. Be aware.


Part 3: Being the Queen…and accepting more than you bargained for

Like you may feel with your own relationships, I didn’t plunge head first into anything after I became aware of the mirrors the bed choice was reflecting back to me.

Sometimes nothing really happens until what we tolerate becomes intolerable (or we get so annoyed by the insistent nudge of our desires that something has to change/leave/come in).

Just the other day, I was literally moved with every fiber of my being to contact customer service about exchanging the mattress.

I bought it on Amazon, so it wasn’t as easy as just having them change it out at the store and I had thrown out the box…so I wasn’t sure how it all worked.

But I was so clear that I wanted a queen, even if there were changes and charges involved. It was fully aligned with my desire and had been for quite some time.

And yet, I was strangely detached from the whole thing, choosing to just simply ask questions and show up to see what they said.

Long story short, I spoke to a woman named Rachel and a man who called himself (get this) Krishna! As in the Hindu supreme God of love! I laughed so hard at the irony.

Between the two, Divine embodiment of the feminine/masculine if I ever saw it, a miracle happened.

They immediately issued me a credit for the full amount of the full size so I could get the queen size…and told me to please keep the full size! No need to ship it back or return before getting a refund.

I thought I read the screen wrong. Nope. They were serious. I was getting not only the exact mattress I wanted…but also getting to keep the super comfortable, practically brand-new one as well for my guest room!

Now, I’m sure that to some people, you could rationalize it logically, saying, “Well, they figured it wasn’t worth their trouble to try to take back a mattress out the box, etc..” but…

To me, it was a symbol of the spirit of ABUNDANCE and the magic that comes when we step fully into our desires.

I learned that a big part of manifesting miracles is that you really do have to be prepared to put yourself ALL IN.

No room for wiggling, half-assing or bargaining with your desires.

No back doors.

All in. Then the Universe storms the gates and bends over backwards to help you out.

I was prepared to pay for both shipping and a new mattress in order to get what I really wanted.

But it turns out, I didn’t have to do that.

But I was 100% willing.

Your turn: Where in your life have you been tip toeing, dipping your toe in towards what you want, but really keeping one foot firmly planted in your single life or your current circumstances?

How would it feel to be all in?

How would it feel to be your own version of the Queen?

What would you stop tolerating and what is one action you could take that would be your Queen/King self leading?

Feeling brave? Leave a comment and share!

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july angel message

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