in a rut? take this phrase out of your vocabulary…

Do you feel like things are stagnant in your life right now?

Are you in a relationship rut?

You are not alone!

A few years ago, I woke up at three am with cold sweats and a piercing awareness that my relationship with the man that was lying beside me was no longer healthy for my Soul…and it was time to go.

I didn’t want to know this information and sometimes our intuition gives us messages we really really would prefer to ignore.

But it was clear as a bell and I remember going over this one phrase in my head that not only kept me up at night but also delayed me moving forward.

I felt powerless, confused, alone and guilty.

But it wasn’t until I was able to take back my power and scrutinize the words I was obsessively looping in my head that I finally felt ready to break free, have the uncomfortable conversation and start to move forward.

It all boiled down to two little words.

And these two little words usually come up when we are feeling stuck or powerless to move through a situation or relationship in my case that’s taken the wind out of sails.

It’s time to cut them out.

Watch the video below to learn what they are and a one-word solution to start taking your power back ASAP.

This week’s Soul question: Have you ever struggled with this? What is one thing has helped you get out of it? Share with us below!

Are you ready to bring some magic back into your life and a lightness in your heart?

I am a relationship healer and I’m here to help you trust and love yourself at the highest level.13086866_701728107387_5427378868050236871_o.jpg

One of my special gifts is helping my clients let go of their ex and other subconscious-level blocks that are stopping you from attracting your soulmate.

I am currently enrolling just a handful of action-taking, ready-for-love Souls (are you one of them?) for private, 1:1 intuitive coaching and massive energy healing.

If you are ready to make some major changes in your life but aren’t sure where to start, I am happy to announce that I have opened up my calendar to take a select number of complimentary consultations (15-20 minutes) to

1. Get to know you and your desires better. Are you looking to get married? Just out of a breakup and looking to heal? Wanting to work on yourself and self-love so you can get back in the dating game? Fill me in!

2. There are 4 core blocks I see that stop you from being a love magnet. With your permission, we can do an energetic Love Assessment to see which of the 4 or which combos of the 4 are your primary blocks.

3. We can chat about solutions to help you unblock and work together and I will of course answer all your questions about that! By booking a consult you are never obligated to purchase any services. It is simply the first step in helping you make a decision to move forward.

Click here to book yours!

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