how to stop absorbing negative energy in a crowd (super fun tool!)

Have you ever walked into a crowded place feeling happy and light….and then less than ten minutes later, you start to feel sluggish, confused or irrationally upset?

Welcome to the world of being empathic or extra sensitive to the energies around you.

If you are reading this, chances are high that you are probably the go-to person your inner circle comes to for advice, validation, or just healing.

Your sensitivity is a gift, but it’s really important to know how to manage your energy so that you stop getting depleted and absorbing crap from other people.images

One of my absolute favorite tools to help you stay in your own vibes is something I call “The Ball Gown”


Call me cray-cray, but using simple images that make me laugh or smile really help.

And being in a fabulous, sparkly ball gown is one such image.

This tool is simple, elegant and effective when practiced consistently.

Ready to learn it?

Step 1: Prep

Before you go into a crowded place, prepare yourself. Close your eyes and visualize yourself wearing a ballgown or cape on top of everything you are wearing. It’s important that it have enough fabric to really spill out around you (like you’d have to use both hands or little clips to not trip on yourself kind of thing!) Really take a good minute to see this in your mind. You can decorate it any way you want!

Step 2: Survey your space

As you walk into a crowded space, notice when you start to feel extra sensitive. Pay attention to how your body feels and any temperature changes, heart rate changes, just a feeling like the energy around is heavy or dense. Your job is to just survey like a Queen. This doesn’t have to take long.

Step 3: Adjust your gown accordingly

Your ball gown is like a gorgeous protective shield for your energy field (or your aura) and when it’s fully splayed out, your energy can extend out that far too and connect with everything near it. This is great if you are in a space where you feel very solid with the people there and can keep clear boundaries. Example: Dinner at home with your special someone.

But if you are feeling especially susceptible to other people’s vibes, visualize yourself “gathering” the ball gown in and clipping it closely against your body. ( If you are visual, think about those body-hugging “bandage dresses” that are so in but look like everything’s about to umm..pop out!)

The best part is you can mentally adjust this as often as you want and you don’t have to look like the crazy lady mumbling to herself.

Such is the power of visualization and your mind!

That’s it! You’ve learned the Ball Gown technique.

With daily practice, you will soon be well on your way to mastering this and staying in your own vibes!

Q: What does your ball gown look like? How was it to experiment with this? Let me know in the comments!

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The Art of Money (Exclusive Interview with bestselling author, Bari Tessler!)

It’s no secret that the word ‘money’ can bring up all sorts of interesting emotions and values.

Shame. Success. Freedom.

Worthiness. Secrecy. Love.

I sat down with bestselling author and money therapist, Bari Tessler to shed some light on questions such as:

What is the first thing you can do when you feel money weirdness come up?

Do you have to have this money thing “all figured out” before you can attract your soulmate?

Is the common saying, “As an entrepreneur, you should charge what you are worth?” really true?

And more!

Grab a yummy cup of tea or coffee and join us for this thirty-minute exclusive Goddess-to-Goddess dialogue!

Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler



Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell

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the biggest roadblock to love (or anything you’re trying to manifest but aren’t!)

The biggest roadblock to love is….<drumroll>…. linear thinking.

Erroneously believing that just because something didn’t work for you in the past, it means that it will never work for you.

Or conversely, because something you tried did work, believing that it’s always going to work if you do it that same exact way.

I hear things from my girlfriends and clients’ mouths like:

“I just don’t do blind dates! I went on one in college and it was the most boring experience of my life.”

“I am done putting myself out there. If this (current relationship) isn’t The One, I’m just done…I guess I’m supposed to be single forever.”

And my personal favorite…

“I just hate online dating…it’s so superficial and I’m just not into it.”

Usually when I probe a little deeper, there’s a story there-sometime a man hurt them…or they got close and it just didn’t quite pan out the way they thought it would….or they tried online dating, got crickets for responses and got fed up…

But here’s the thing.

When you declare to the Uni-verse that you just “don’t do XYZ”, you’ve already cut off a possibility.

It’s a weird form of trying to control your environment and the outcome.

Usually because the fear of being rejected, used, abused, left, etc is driving your decision-making.

I felt the same way about dating online.

I felt like it was so incredibly superficial.

And maybe there’s some truth to that putting your best pictures up and neat paragraph description of who you are on display, but I still put myself out there as a symbol of my intent.

I was going to go all in and if “he” didn’t show up, I chose to stop assuming that it was the medium (being online or being on a blind date) but instead chose to see it as an experiment where Divine timing, my level of commitment to what I said I wanted…and synchronicity were also important factors.

In short, it’s about going all in, following the signs as you receive them…and lovingly nudging your fear and doubt voices to calm down. Your worthiness and value is not dependent on the outcome of the experiment.

The experiment is simply that….an experience where you can see what shows up and most importantly the energy in which you are choosing to show up for yourself.

And looking purely at the results, two of my most profound, Soul-shaping relationships came from meeting them online.

My aunt, who had just gotten divorced and had never done the online thing let me help her with her profile, despite hemming and hawing about not being technology-saavy or into the whole thing.

She’s been happily hooked up with the same loving partner for almost 4 years now that she met.

But if she hadn’t considered that what she was fighting against could actually be an avenue to support her in meeting her match, she may have been spending her nights at home with the TV hoping he would just appear.

You just never know.

This week’s Soul question (deep!) Where could you be setting up a roadblock for yourself? Helpful hint: If you aren’t sure, look at places where you have felt resistant or emotional or extra opinionated around. Would you be willing to try that “thing” again with an experimental energy vs a reactionary one? What could be possible for you?

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3 Online Dating Secrets to Stop Wasting Your Time...and Get The Guy-

a new moon, a new you (ritual inside)

Great news!

If you have been feeling heavy energy, had waves of emotional confusion or indecisiveness, the Leo New Moon is here to change all that!

When it comes to your most important relationships, this looks like:

  • Saying the thing you really need/want to say to someone, even if it ruffles a few feathers
  • Setting firm boundaries that put your needs first for once …you have to look out for Numero Uno! (guilt-free!)
  • Boldly declaring your love for another…or declaring that you are done, once and for all!

Leo energy rules the heart and also the back, so right now you’re being asked to really go there with people you care about. And build a new, more solid foundation for the connection…or have the courage to let it go and trust that others will come in to take their place.

Communicate openly, share how you feel and most importantly, let yourself be vulnerable again.

For it’s really only when your heart is open and receptive that you get to experience life at the highest level…and love at the highest level.

And isn’t to be truly loved for who we really are, flaws and all really what we all want deep down?

It starts with self-acceptance. Here is one of my favorite New Moon rituals you can check out for yourself.

A New Moon Ritual

One of my favorite things to do on a New Moon like this is to take a sheet of paper out and light a yummy smelling candle.

Write down 1-5 wishes you’d like to create/develop/manifest, etc during the New Moon period (generally two weeks).

Because it’s in Leo, it’s important that whatever you write down be something that you feel truly passionate about. Something you know will help you move forward. Be specific.

Example 1: Instead of saying…”I wish for more money”, maybe when you search your heart, you find that you don’t really trust yourself to manage the money that is coming in already….so you’re afraid there is never enough.

On your list, “I wish for more money” may become, “I AM an excellent steward of my money” or “Thank you for assistance with helping me be an exceptional manager of the money in my world.”


Example 2: Instead of saying, “I want to get asked on more dates”, maybe you search your heart, and you find that you keep filling up your calendar with work, so you don’t have any time to date!

On your list, “I want to get asked on more dates” may become “Thank you for helping me create space in my heart and my schedule to go on 3 dates a week”

Do you feel the difference?

It may take a bit longer than a regular “Manifesting” List, but when you take the time to really sit with your heart and ask what the deeper desire really is, you’ll create space for miracles to rush in!


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