The Art of Money (Exclusive Interview with bestselling author, Bari Tessler!)

It’s no secret that the word ‘money’ can bring up all sorts of interesting emotions and values.

Shame. Success. Freedom.

Worthiness. Secrecy. Love.

I sat down with bestselling author and money therapist, Bari Tessler to shed some light on questions such as:

What is the first thing you can do when you feel money weirdness come up?

Do you have to have this money thing “all figured out” before you can attract your soulmate?

Is the common saying, “As an entrepreneur, you should charge what you are worth?” really true?

And more!

Grab a yummy cup of tea or coffee and join us for this thirty-minute exclusive Goddess-to-Goddess dialogue!

Bari Tessler

Bari Tessler



Diana Dorell

Diana Dorell

To learn more about Bari’s work and The Art of Money, visit her website at

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