let it go.

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

There’s a LOT going on astrologically and energetically and some of the themes that may be coming up for you right now include:

*Desire to completely start over and ditch the old plan (however that shows up)
*Money stuff and what you truly value…do you value yourself first and foremost?
*Loving your Shadow side but not letting dark emotions consume you

It’s an exciting time. And as it relates to love and relationships, this week’s word is SURRENDER.

So, how do you do that exactly?

Surrender is not about giving up or quitting your desires to be in a loving partnership, especially with yourself.

It IS about consciously sending those parts of you that want to control, manipulate or cling to a particular outcome LOTS OF LOVE.

So the real you can come to the table.

This week’s mantra:  (from the fabulous singer/songwriter Karen Drucker)

“I release and let go..and let Spirit direct the flow.”

Try saying it.

How does that feel in your body?

Where are you holding on too tight? How does it feel to let go of control?


I love bringing our community together, helping you connect with other like-minded people and sharing topics that can help you change your life.

One of the concerns that has come up recently especially with this new Moon energy is about hearing your inner guidance.

Many of you have shared with me:

“Diana, I feel like I am constantly second-guessing myself and I don’t know which way to go.”

“I am questioning whether I should even be in this relationship but how do I know for sure?”

“I used to be able to hear my Spirit Guides and now I feel like I’m getting mixed messages about what to do next in my business. Help!”

So, of course, I want to help!

There are six key things that you may be doing to block your own intuition without even realizing it!

I have done each of these and now I’d love to teach on them as they can really get in your way.

I’ve created a FREE community class called, “6 Blocks To Hearing Your Inner Wisdom” (these may surprise you!) and I’d love to invite you!

It will be September 4 but the recording will be available to you even if you can’t make the class live.

Just click below and pop in your email and as we get closer to the date, I’ll send you all the info!


Have a brilliant week and I am sending you oodles of love and Angels.

Remember: “I release and let go and let Spirit…direct the flow.”


It’s time for a tough love tip!

Ok, let’s be real.

Do you say you want a long-term relationship, but you still keep in touch with an old flame via text when you’re feeling lonely?

Do you keep saying you want a boyfriend, but when your friend tries to set you up on a date, you bail out more than once….because you forgot about that Zumba class you signed up for and keep saying you’re going to go to?

Do you complain that you never hear from your girlfriends, but when they call, your phone rolls to voicemail and you never get back to them because you were at a networking event for the 4X this week?

It’s time for a Tough Love Tip. (emphasis on love…and I’ll even throw in some Ganesha Remover of Obstacles incense!) 

Tip: Clarify your true Soul priorities (and let go of the guilt already!) 

What I mean is, if you keep saying you want a relationship/to go on a date but Zumba lights your fire more consistently when you do get the opportunity to be taken out, be real with yourself and either you 1) reschedule the date for another date as soon as possible, around Zumba or 2) admit that right now, Zumba and enjoying yourself on the dance floor is way more of a priority than being in a relationship.

And That’s. O-K-A-Y!

Or if you find yourself attending another business networking event that you are attending because it would “look good” to be there and meet XYZ,  rather than calling your best friend back when you really want to because your Soul is aching for some connection and sister love,  I am checking you right. now.

I want to be clear that you can have everything you want in this life and more.

You came here with specific Soul-level desires that deserve to be experienced and had! I’m all for pleasure!

You CAN have it all…but you just can’t have it all simultaneously! It’s like trying to chase two rabbits. It doesn’t work…unless you have some crazy superpowers!

You’ve got to get clear on your priorities. And then you’ve got to love and honor them.

When you honor your own priorities, people (especially prospective partners!) honor YOU. 

When you are acting from a place of your priorities, life is a lot smoother, you are a lot more pleasant to be around and you increase your chances of getting what you want 1000%. 

So, step one to being radiant and fabulous in love is….Identify and honor your priorities! 

They will change as you change.

But instead of fighting what you really want right now, how would it feel to claim and flow with them?

(I just let out a deep AHHHH!)

Take action: Here are a few core life areas.

Put them in numerical order of Soul priority right now (make sure you are grounded!).

And let go of GUILT!

There is no “better” order than another.


I know this may be hard, but give it a go anyway!

Love/Romantic Relationships

Spiritual/Personal Development
Home Life

Last step:

Once you put them in order, keep it in your purse. When someone makes a request of you, look at them before you say YES or NO. Keeping your priorities close will help you make space for what you want and STICKING TO THEM will increase your energy level, making you extra desirable to that hot gal or guy!

Your Turn:

Did making this list surprise you? What did you learn about yourself and how are you going to make your priorities important?

Would love to hear from you! 

Post a comment and if you enjoyed this post, share it below!

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your secret weapon to having a guy fawn on you (I’m still learning this one!)

Imagine your phone ringing multiple times from that hot guy or gal you’ve had your eye on.

They leave a voicemail wanting you to call them back. They are just calling to say “hi.” See how you are. And they mean it.

You get sweet texts in the middle of the day that make you smile…

And when you go out, strangers open doors for you and you get compliments even though you may be wearing sweatpants.

It’s like the Universe sent out a memo that a superstar (you!) is on the loose and everybody better pay attention!

The secret to getting that kind of attention is to tap into one of your most valuable assets….

your vulnerability.

Now, many of you who are great at getting things done in your business but have a rocky time in relationships know how hard this can be, right?

 You don’t want to be perceived as weak, less than or incapable of doing it yourself because you know 90% of the time, you can do it better yourself than when you delegate it out.

But here’s the difference (listen closely!). Being vulnerable is not the same as being weak.

True vulnerability=openness and trust in something beyond yourself.

True vulnerability=saying how you really feel but being totally responsible for yourself at all times.

True vulnerability= saying, “No. I can’t/don’t want to/would rather do X” when asked and does not feel the need to explain or defend.

And that….. is irresistable!

Remember: Just because you can do something by yourself doesn’t mean you have to or you “should.” And the less time and energy you spend on things you don’t need to be doing, the more space you have for that special someone to come and sweep you off your feet!

Soul Questions + Challenge:
– Where could you benefit from letting yourself be more vulnerable?
-What would you stop doing?
-What would you start doing or do more of?
-Where do you need to reach out for help?
-Where do you need to trust that life isn’t going to end if you delegate a task to someone who can only do it 90% as good as you?  
-How could your life be better by stepping into some more vulnerability?

Pick 1 question from above to sit with and share with us in the comments below!

This could be in your business or in your personal life.

ps: Did you enjoy this?

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4 steps to reclaiming your sanity after a guy goes MIA

Well, you did it.

You called, poured your heart out and left a message on his voicemail.

Or a long, well rehearsed text message.

Told him how you really feel.

You were feeling brave, invincible and so on top of the world for not playing any of those stupid games.

You’re sure he’s going to call you back and profess that he feels the exact same way you do.

Or at least shoot you a sweet text.

But instead you hear nada.

Zip. Crickets. Silence.

You stare at your phone and wonder, “Did he get my message? Is his phone temporarily broken? Did I say too much? OMG, what’s wrong with me?

A vicious shame spiral may ensue and next thing you know, you’re stuffing your face, calling your girlfriends on Facetime or crying in a big, hot MESS on the floor.

Let me save you from the said above description.

Why He’s Not Calling:

He’s not NOT calling you because of any of the following:

-your weight/height/eye color, etc (unless he’s a superficial prick and then I say keep on steppin!)
-bad cell phone reception
or even what you said or wrote
(in most cases…stalker-like behavior excluded of course).

It goes way beyond that.

90% of the time, it IS about the energy you’re putting out there subconsciously and your level of NEED for him to call you that is preventing the thing you actually want.

What you need to do:

Un-hook yourself from the energy of

  • desperation
  • need and
  • worry… which is really a lack state of consciousness that repels what you want and

elevate yourself to the Higher energy of

  • “loving and healthy detachment
  • love and
  • peace

From that elevated place, you will create space for him to call you because you are no longer clinging onto him energetically and he will sense this and be curious as to why….


* if you do the exercise below and you never hear from him again, it may be Spirit’s way of protecting you and wanting to bring you someone more aligned with you. At the very least you will feel

  • more energized
  • more aligned within yourself
  • and more centered

which is a GREAT place to be!

How to do it:

4-steps to write a Release Letter to the Angels!

1. Get a piece of paper and  write out a question such as, “Angels, I’m feeling really weird/XYZ around my relationship with X. What messages do you have to share with me to help me release what’s holding me back so I can get on with it? Write through my hand.”

2. Then, once you’re in a calm state (deep breaths help!), write your heart out for about 1-2 pages, non stop, even if it doesn’t make any sense. (this gets easier with practice).

3. When you get an internal signal that you’re “done” say, “Thank you Angels. I now release worry and tension around this and surrender it to you!” and

4. Look back over what came out. Read it aloud to yourself as much as you can understand. What this does is lets you feel the vibration of what has come through.

Quick Example:

After I did this exercise (as a result of obsessing over a man who I had confessed love to but that had yet to return my messages), I felt more at peace than I had in a long time.

At that point after I did these 4-steps, I seriously had surrendered to the possibility that I maynever hear from him again.

And I was actually okay with that.

And then, at around 6:15pm, less than 24 hours after I wrote the letter, he called!


I was totally oblivious and was interrupted from a solo dance routine I was dancing to for fun in the living room.

But there it was. His number insistently taunting me to answer or ignore.

Long story short,  we ended up talking for about 45 minutes that night. I left the call feeling empowered and at peace.

This stuff works. I don’t all the ins and outs of why it works. It just does. Something magical comes when you say how you really feel and then in a safe space, surrender and let go of control a bit, letting Spirit and Source take over.

QUESTION: Have you ever written a letter to Spirit to let go of worry around a relationship? What happened and what did you learn about yourself in the process? Share in the comments below!

ps: Want to learn more amazingly powerful and simple Spiritual tools to attract healthy, inspiring relationships? Come to Sedona! It’s one of many topics we’ll be addressing and I’d love to see you there!

Click on the pic below for more info and have a fantastic week!












This 5-letter word can change your life. Right. Now.

Right now energetically, you are being asked to revisit old relationships, old ways of thinking and unearth the Truth as it exists today for you.


How you felt and what you wanted last year is different than what you may feel and want now.And for those on the spiritual path (you!), things are happening a lot faster and there is lot less lag time for you to f*&% around and stall on major issues and situations that your Soul wants you to look at and heal.


Because on the other side of the discomfort is FREEDOM. Followed by a lightness and inner peace.


So what is the 5-letter word that can help create this?

And the key to freedom and peace starts with your level of FAITH.


Let me ask you: How strong is your level of faith right now? On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest level possible.


How strong is your Faith that even though things may seem up in the air, that you can and will land on your feet at the perfect moment?


Are your thoughts that you are thinking right now supporting you and supporting the idea that there is something happening behind the scenes that’s awesome or crappy?


Now, let’s be clear.


It’s not about side-stepping your responsibiities and leaving it all to Spirit while you twiddle your thumbs and watch Netflix, hoping for the best. That’s called quitting and giving up your power.


Faith IS about:


F-Following your inner wisdom.

Not letting yourself get pulled down by what other people want for you or allowing others to dump their fears and insecurities and color your Truth in a situation.


A-Accepting that you are more than your current circumstances

Yes, things may seem all over the place or super awesome, but the path to freedom, love and peace is about finding the middle. You are more than the awesome things and the crappy things that happen to you. You are infinite. Try that on!


I-Inviting in the possibility of something wonderful

This is riffing on last week’s post. Where attention goes energy flows!

What’s the BEST that could happen?


T-Thinking of a kind Universe who is only working on your behalf

I’d rather believe in a kind Universe. how about you?


H-Having little or nothing to go on except a knowing that it’s all going to work out

My personal favorite. Once you’ve taken all the action you can think of, you must detach and step into a space of surrender. Are you willing to let go of control and be okay with the grey areas of your life?


It will all come out eventually.


It’s going to be okay.


It already is.

Your Soul Question: In what area of your life could you use a little more faith? What helps YOU stay in faith when it’s so easy to give in to fear? Share your wisdom with us by using the Leave a Comment button!


Photo Credit:Peek Photography

Photo Credit:
Peek Photography

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