need a confidence boost? I’m excited!

Happy Wed!

I am so excited because remember I told you that I had a special announcement?

So one of the things that keeps you from having amazing relationships is a lack of inner confidence.

Mental tapes like…

I’m not good enough.

I’m not attractive enough.

No one will understand my crazy schedule or life…

When you have inner confidence, you become a master of your emotions.

The world can get crazy, but you are so good at re-directing your mind when it starts to act like a crazy toddler on a rampage.

That’s inner confidence.

And I’m on a mission to help you tap into that!

So….<drumroll please!>

#1) I created a new gift for you called 7 Goddess Secrets to Up Your Confidence Now! (scroll down to get this)

In there, you’ll find the 7 secrets PLUS I’ve channeled 7 corresponding power affirmations you use to dial up that vibe in your daily life.

Click here to grab it.

Want to work with me for FREE for 7 weeks? You can!

Because I am in denial that summer is almost over, I am so excited to be hosting a 7-week Empowered Goddess Secrets-a-thon (what, Diana?) to dive deeper into each of these 7 secrets.

That’s right!

If you want to, you can work with me…for FREE…for 7 weeks starting September 12.

How it works:

 For those of you that want to really get the full experience, I’m going to post a specific Goddess video + exercise to help you really embody each confidence booster and we are also going to be doing mini-challenges + prizes when I feel like it over the 7 weeks! This will all happen in a 100% free, closed FB group (Empowered Goddess Secrets) where I will go in-depth into each of the 7 secrets and you can interact with the other ladies and myself!

Next steps:

1) Download your free gift: 7 Goddess Secrets to Up Your Confidence.

2) Request to join the new free, FB Goddess group
 (Empowered Goddess Secrets) right here. When we kick off next week, you’ll be in the right place to get maximum benefit!

Can’t wait!

Have a great week!

ps: Want to join me in the Red Rocks this November 2-5? The Way of the Wise Woman Retreat is happening! We have limited spots available for this all inclusive retreat.

Click here for more info <3

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