Decision-Making Tool

It can feel hard sometimes to know-do I go for this or hold off? do I express this or should I wait? should I keep this item or should I toss it? 

I find that asking yourself a simple question can help clarify things.

But before you ask, get grounded. Drink some water. Breathe. Get off your phone.

The key is to tune into your body and you can’t tune in accurately if you are a live wire of nerves or distraction!

Ask: Would doing this/tossing this/not tossing this/expressing/not expressing feel EXPANSIVE or DEFLATING? 

Ask it aloud and scan your body. Pay attention. Close your eyes. What sensations do you feel? 

Signs you are getting expansion? lightness, an inner knowing that this “is true,” open-ness

Signs you are getting deflation? tightness, an inner knowing that this is “not all true”/feels forced, constriction. 

Now, sometimes it’s a bit of both and then you can ask yourself, “What am I afraid would happen if I do this/don’t do this…?” You can journal about that and then revisit the question above. Often times if it’s something you’ve never done, it’s natural to feel a bit afraid! But also a deep knowing that this is true for you as a next step.

With practice, it will be easier to tune into your inner knowing!

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