part 2: positioning your space for love

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Now you’ve prepped your space. It’s free of dirt, you’ve sorted through what needs to go and what gets to stay and now you’re ready for the second step: Positioning your space for the relationship or energy you want to call in.

The most important position is the position of your bed. This is a Feng-Shui rule, but I want to say this about any of the suggestions I am about to share: listen to your body’s signals about what feels good. What feels “good” for lack of a better phrase is “your Feng-Shui.” Got it? Good.

As you enter your bedroom, you want to avoid the following bed positions:

  • “Corpse” Pose: With your bed right in line with the door, this position supposedly drains your energy of its natural vitality.
  • Especially if you are tired of being single, “bed pushed up against the side of a wall.” This position leaves no room for the “partner” to enter his/her side of the bed and there is no room for a second nightstand which is a no-no….unless you want “one-night-stands” or you really just want to be alone right now. 
  • Head right under a window. Not only does this position just plain feel weird, being so close to a window supposedly drains your energy in the same way that being in the corpse pose does. If you absolutely can’t find another position except this one, then I would suggest getting a very solid headboard that comes up high enough when you sit up in the bed to avoid the glass and some nice curtains that feel protective and nurturing.

Ideal positions have you:

– being able to see the door and

-also have your head near a wall for extra support.

-leave enough space on either side to enter and exit

See my 3 fabulous, hand-drawn masterpieces below!


 Other important things to consider:

Night Stands and Space around the Bed:

  • Make sure there are TWO, ideally identical, but if you just moved into a new place, you can use that moving box as a nightstand…temporarily.
  • Having something stand in for what you want is a good idea, but just make sure that your intention is to actually get a solid one or the relationships you attract could mimic the nature of the box: temporary!
  • Having two that are different shapes are okay as long as your partner has room to put their stuff up too.
  • Make sure you are able to freely move around your bed (on each side). If there is a set of drawers in the way or a gorgeous statue or dressing chest, move it somewhere else! If you have to tiptoe around your own bed, remember everything is energy. Do you want to tip-toe around your relationship? My guess is no! So keep the space around clean, free-flowing and roomy and that’s what you will invite in too!



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4-steps to preparing your space for love (Part 1 of 3)

Unknown“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.”-Joseph Campbell 

Let’s face it-it’s no surprise that when you de-clutter your space, you feel more energized, more clear-headed and generally make better decisions about your life.

Beyond those awesome side-effects, our spaces (internally and externally) can affect the way we feel about ourselves but also send an energetic signal to the Universe about what we say we want and what we are willing to put up with.

I love the art of Feng-Shui and combined with space clearing (a technique to energetically clean out lower vibrations from a space), my secret fantasy of being a spiritual HGTV interior decorator comes to life!

One of the biggest things I see with super busy entrepreneurs is a lack of separation between their personal and professional lives, which affects your energy and if you’re single and wanting to be in partnership or if you are already with someone but something feels off, looking at your bedroom from an energetic standpoint is a great place to start.

Here are 3 simple tips to get your bedroom ready for more harmony, peace, and romance!

Over the next 3 weeks we will look at 3 core components: Preparation. Positioning (pun intended! haha!). and Passion. (wohoo!)

Part 1: Preparation

Total time required: Approx 1-2 hours…unless you are O.C.D, have a super clean space already or are so intuitive that you are one step ahead of me.

Materials needed: Trash bags, cleaning supplies, candle (optional), 3 Moving Boxes or Trader Joes paper bags with the handle (depends on how big your space is and how much crap you have!), 3 post-its labeled Trash, Sell/Donate, I’m Not Sure

1) Set an intention
Always! This is the most important step because without it, you can move furniture around to your heart’s content but it won’t have the energy behind it to work for you.

Example: I desire more peace of mind (literally, shut UP To-Do list generator!). I desire more romance. I desire more S-E-X, like at least 4X/week. Whatever it is, write it down AND declare it aloud. You can even get all fancy and light your favorite candle to symbolize this new intention coming in. The Universe has NO opinion about what you desire, so don’t be afraid to really put it out there Goddess!

2) Clean!
This goes without saying. When was the last time you checked for dust bunnies under the bed? Time to put on some Lady Gaga and bust out the Swiffer Mop and trash bags.

New energy can’t flow in a space where there is dirt and grime. Bonus: put your whole body into it and burn off extra calories!

3) Call in Help you have your 3 boxes, labeled Trash, Sell/Donate, I’m Not Sure. Get quiet, close your eyes and call in the Divine/Angels, Higher Self, whatever you believe in and say, “Thank you for helping me sort my stuff for my Highest and Greatest Good.”

4) Spiritual Sorting of your Sh*%
Open your eyes and go around your room SLOWLY. As you look and hold the different objects you have, ask, “Does this energize me and align with my intention for (look back at what you wrote)?” It’s a YES or a NO. If it’s a YES, it stays. If it’s a NO, use your intuition to tell you which box it goes in.

You may need more than 1-2 hours. Don’t stress. You can work on one area of your bedroom at a time.

As you go through these 4 steps, notice if any emotions come up for you. Pause. Reflect and Feel. Remember, this is not just about preparing your room for love. It’s also about preparing your Soul. Be tender and loving with yourself and you will all set for next week, when I teach you about the positioning of furniture and objects in your sacred space! Wohoo!

Soul Question: Share with us or in your journal!

“What is your intention for your new space? What comes up as you think about preparing your space following the 4-steps? What are you excited to call in? Share with us in the comments!


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should you go out with him again? do this to find out

When you get back into the dating game, it’s totally normal to feel uncomfortable and it can feel hard to know the difference between the signals you are getting from your intuition and just old fears that could be creeping up around getting back in the game and being vulnerable.

You may have heard the advice, “Always trust your first impressions.”

While first impressions are important, I want to take it a step further. Some of the most powerful information about a date and whether going out with them again would be a good idea for your Soul happens in the 3-5 minutes AFTER the date ends and you leave their presence.

Note: This exercise is most effective if you are doing in-person dating.

In the 3-5 minutes after they or you leave, your gut feelings come to the surface to process the information you received about your interaction and connection.

Capitalize on this!

What to do:

Put a little notepad in your purse and after they leave, when you are sitting on the train or in your car, write down the answers to the following questions. Do it quickly as the logical mind will want to swoop in and what you want to capture is your intuitive knowings.

1. Right now, my body is feeling……

Example: tight in the throat, open and warm, a little scared, nervous, like butterfiles

Don’t judge anything you write down. Again,  you are just downloading information.

2. What I already know about this connection is…

Example: I really trust them, I’m not sure I feel safe,  I feel light, etc.

3. The next morning, look back at your answers and make your decision.

Sometimes if your body is tight that doesn’t necessarily mean NO. In that case, ask your intuition, “Is there something I want to ask them or tell them that would help me feel more clear?”

And if you get a “Yes” write down what you want to say or ask and make a plan to connect with them. And if you get a “No” to that, then that’s a likely sign your intuition is saying that it’s probably not in your best interest to keep dating that person and that’s okay! There is a pot for every lid and what this exercise does is helps you determine whether a date is your energetic match or not. Nothing bad or good about you or them. It’s about energy! And as you practice this exercise you will learn how to trust your intuition and its impressions to draw in that special soul mate soon enough Goddess!

Now I want to hear from you:

Q: Have you ever been on a date where you got some strong feelings right after? Did you listen to them or not? And what did you learn about yourself through the experience? 

Share with us in the comments and if you feel stuck right now in any part of your life, RSVP for my free class: 6 Reasons You Aren’t Getting What You Say You Want!

let it go.

Happy New Moon in Virgo!

There’s a LOT going on astrologically and energetically and some of the themes that may be coming up for you right now include:

*Desire to completely start over and ditch the old plan (however that shows up)
*Money stuff and what you truly value…do you value yourself first and foremost?
*Loving your Shadow side but not letting dark emotions consume you

It’s an exciting time. And as it relates to love and relationships, this week’s word is SURRENDER.

So, how do you do that exactly?

Surrender is not about giving up or quitting your desires to be in a loving partnership, especially with yourself.

It IS about consciously sending those parts of you that want to control, manipulate or cling to a particular outcome LOTS OF LOVE.

So the real you can come to the table.

This week’s mantra:  (from the fabulous singer/songwriter Karen Drucker)

“I release and let go..and let Spirit direct the flow.”

Try saying it.

How does that feel in your body?

Where are you holding on too tight? How does it feel to let go of control?


I love bringing our community together, helping you connect with other like-minded people and sharing topics that can help you change your life.

One of the concerns that has come up recently especially with this new Moon energy is about hearing your inner guidance.

Many of you have shared with me:

“Diana, I feel like I am constantly second-guessing myself and I don’t know which way to go.”

“I am questioning whether I should even be in this relationship but how do I know for sure?”

“I used to be able to hear my Spirit Guides and now I feel like I’m getting mixed messages about what to do next in my business. Help!”

So, of course, I want to help!

There are six key things that you may be doing to block your own intuition without even realizing it!

I have done each of these and now I’d love to teach on them as they can really get in your way.

I’ve created a FREE community class called, “6 Blocks To Hearing Your Inner Wisdom” (these may surprise you!) and I’d love to invite you!

It will be September 4 but the recording will be available to you even if you can’t make the class live.

Just click below and pop in your email and as we get closer to the date, I’ll send you all the info!

Have a brilliant week and I am sending you oodles of love and Angels.

Remember: “I release and let go and let Spirit…direct the flow.”


It’s time for a tough love tip!

Ok, let’s be real.

Do you say you want a long-term relationship, but you still keep in touch with an old flame via text when you’re feeling lonely?

Do you keep saying you want a boyfriend, but when your friend tries to set you up on a date, you bail out more than once….because you forgot about that Zumba class you signed up for and keep saying you’re going to go to?

Do you complain that you never hear from your girlfriends, but when they call, your phone rolls to voicemail and you never get back to them because you were at a networking event for the 4X this week?

It’s time for a Tough Love Tip. (emphasis on love…and I’ll even throw in some Ganesha Remover of Obstacles incense!) 

Tip: Clarify your true Soul priorities (and let go of the guilt already!) 

What I mean is, if you keep saying you want a relationship/to go on a date but Zumba lights your fire more consistently when you do get the opportunity to be taken out, be real with yourself and either you 1) reschedule the date for another date as soon as possible, around Zumba or 2) admit that right now, Zumba and enjoying yourself on the dance floor is way more of a priority than being in a relationship.

And That’s. O-K-A-Y!

Or if you find yourself attending another business networking event that you are attending because it would “look good” to be there and meet XYZ,  rather than calling your best friend back when you really want to because your Soul is aching for some connection and sister love,  I am checking you right. now.

I want to be clear that you can have everything you want in this life and more.

You came here with specific Soul-level desires that deserve to be experienced and had! I’m all for pleasure!

You CAN have it all…but you just can’t have it all simultaneously! It’s like trying to chase two rabbits. It doesn’t work…unless you have some crazy superpowers!

You’ve got to get clear on your priorities. And then you’ve got to love and honor them.

When you honor your own priorities, people (especially prospective partners!) honor YOU. 

When you are acting from a place of your priorities, life is a lot smoother, you are a lot more pleasant to be around and you increase your chances of getting what you want 1000%. 

So, step one to being radiant and fabulous in love is….Identify and honor your priorities! 

They will change as you change.

But instead of fighting what you really want right now, how would it feel to claim and flow with them?

(I just let out a deep AHHHH!)

Take action: Here are a few core life areas.

Put them in numerical order of Soul priority right now (make sure you are grounded!).

And let go of GUILT!

There is no “better” order than another.


I know this may be hard, but give it a go anyway!

Love/Romantic Relationships

Spiritual/Personal Development
Home Life

Last step:

Once you put them in order, keep it in your purse. When someone makes a request of you, look at them before you say YES or NO. Keeping your priorities close will help you make space for what you want and STICKING TO THEM will increase your energy level, making you extra desirable to that hot gal or guy!

Your Turn:

Did making this list surprise you? What did you learn about yourself and how are you going to make your priorities important?

Would love to hear from you! 

Post a comment and if you enjoyed this post, share it below!

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