Summer Dating Tips Part 1

summer-wallpaper-hdSummer can be overwhelming and also fun, especially if you’re single.

There’s something about the sunshine that can heighten that desire to be close to someone special, to feel sexy and to play!

It’s the perfect time to get back in the swing of dating again, no matter how many times you’ve been hurt before.

So, for the next 3 weeks, I want to share 3 dating-specific tips that can you navigate the dating waters without wanting to run for cover. 

These are tips that I’ve implemented and tested out with my clients and in my own dating life that resulted in me recovering from intense heartbreak and getting back on the horse, Goddess-style!

Dating…. Goddess Style Tip #1: Spread the love!

In short, date multiple people at one time.

Pack your schedule with dates without attachment.

This one sounds so very simple but it can be hard if you just came out of a relationship and are generally a one-woman, one-man kind of Soul. 

When you go out with different people in a short amount of time, there are several important benefits:

  1. You avoid pouring all your emotional energy into one person that quite frankly, hasn’t yet earned your trust and heart yet! You just met them! 
  2. Even if you feel a strong connection on one date with a certain person, there’s always more to uncover about their intentions and non-negotiables before you get emotionally (and physically) invested. 
  3. You get to “try on” your energy with theirs! It’s like trying on a dress. It may be Gucci but no matter which way you put it on, it may never hug your hips the right way and that’s fine! Next! 

A true tale of 4 men

One woman I know had scheduled 4 dates with 4 different men in one week to test this theory out. 

She had a blast going out to dinner, coffees, ice cream and even mini golf.

Some she had a nice connection with. Others bored her to tears but she simply went to experience herself with someone new.

She was dating Goddess style.

The result?

Now she’s dating one of the four who got tired of competing for her time and attention and he treats her like a Goddess as he should!

And she even got a text from one of the other men saying, “If it doesn’t work out with this guy you’re committing to, please call me. You’re awesome!”

(Who wouldn’t love to receive that?!)

*Note: I get asked by women all the time, 

Q: “Isn’t that MEAN to date multiple people? I feel guilty for dating more than one man at a time.”

My blunt-big sister-meets wingwoman answer to them? 

1) Men do it all the time. It’s not mean. It just is. Stop assigning meaning to everything!

2) I said DATE, not have sex with multiple people at once. As in…simply go out and experience their energy with yours in a no-pressure setting. See if you like who you become when you’re with them and what they spark in you! It’s an experiment not an iron-clad contract. 

3) Wouldn’t you feel better knowing that if you didn’t vibe with one person, you knew you had a date with someone totally different who thinks you’re attractive the next day? 

There is power in numbers, Goddess. 

Q: Have you ever dated multiple people at once? What has your experience been like? Any tips? Share with us in the comments!

This week’s dating challenge: Spread the love, schedule the love!

This week, see if you can fill up your calendar with at least TWO dates over the next 2 weeks. Some quick ideas for you: Ask your friends to set you up. Go on a blind date that your co-worker keeps mentioning. Flirt  with the cashier at the checkout counter (more on that later if you’re looking at me like I just said something totally inappropriate and crazy) Join a free dating site like Again, this is an experiment. The worst you can do is NOTHING. What have you got to lose?

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