$150,000 in 3 min…Supermoon miracles+ a challenge for you!

Happy Tuesday!

Have you seen the Super moon in Taurus? I’ve been catching gorgeous pictures from my friends in Arizona because in Portland, we got so much rain, I couldn’t see it!

Because it’s in Taurus, you may be seeing themes in your life such as:

  • Material: Wanting more financial prosperity, stability, better management of your resources
  • Physical: Emphasis on sensuality, sexuality/sex, beauty (inner and outer)
  • Mental/Emotional: Holding your own, commitment in partnerships, taking a stand for something…and sticking to it

The air is ripe for miracles and I wanted to share one with you today that I saw on my Facebook feed.

One of my friends was at a workshop in NYC this morning where Bob Proctor was one of the speakers.

A woman stood up and basically declared that she needed $150,000 to help fund her non profit charitable organization for children.

She went balls out and asked Proctor directly for his support in front of the entire crowd!

The result?

He said, “If 14 of you listening to this will donate $10k, I will add in my own $10k. What are you waiting for people?”

Now, we have been conditioned to believe that raising $150k might take a long time….or that she would have had to create a super thought out plan and hound people for pennies.

This all transpired in three minutes.

The Universe has no limits to the magic we can create with it. The only restrictions are the ones in our minds and in our belief system.

So when you hear yourself saying stuff like…”I really want to do this but I just don’t think I have enough time/resources/energy…” or “I’ve always wanted to do XYZ but I’m not qualified enough…it would take too much work…I’m too old/not old enough/not (fill in the blank).

I’m calling B.S right now 🙂

Check yourself. Because when your desire is strong enough, those excuses just don’t hold up.

You will find yourself willing to do things outside your comfort zone.

And it doesn’t have to take forever and a day for you to change something in your life.

Unless you believe it does.

Are you up for a challenge?

When I sat outside watching the rain last night pour down, I lit a candle and took out my journal and got quiet. I asked, “What feels like fun?” (tapping into desire)

And what came out was to offer a free challenge as we round the end of 2016 starting this Sunday Nov 20 called “Live Like A Goddess!” A 3-WEEK CHALLENGE TO SHED YOUR OLD SKIN + FEEL HAPPY, ADORED AND FREE!

I ran this twice this year and each time I was floored by the insights and internal stretches the women in there made in the short 3 weeks.

Magic and miracles happen everyday.

If you’re ready to meet other Goddesses, get clear on what is holding you back from fully expressing your personal power, take me for a test drive as your spiritual mentor and sign up!

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Live Like a Goddess



the best love and life advice I ever got (true story)

Have you ever been on a date or had a big decision or presentation at work to make and you literally can’t stop your brain from totally spinning out of control like a hamster on a wheel on steroids?

That was me.

I’d like to share a true story with you with the intent that it helps you love and trust yourself more. It’s a story about business but really it’s about loving yourself full out and falling in love with the real you. Would that be ok?

It was Circa 2012.

I remember sitting in my apartment, crying and stressed out because I didn’t know what to call myself.

I was on the phone with my astrologer and halfway through my rant about how I didn’t know if I was on the right track in my business, in my life, in my crazy dating life that inspired The Dating Mirror, he shut me up in his very classy, British way.

And told me some of the hands-down best advice I’ve ever received in my entire life.

Let me take you back

But before I spill the beans, to fully appreciate his advice, here’s a little background on where it came from:

I was at a place in my business where everything was expanding. Like faster than I could imagine and I was constantly putting pressure on myself to label myself for the masses.

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you’ve seen me go through several incarnations and brand names.

I started out doing Angel readings on the streets of San Francisco (no joke!), became a Reiki Master Teacher and got a radio and TV gig doing readings for people live on air for four years. I was unofficially labeled The Next Doreen Virtue.

Then years ago at a mastermind, a mentor came up with the name, The CEO Psychic, for my business. It was true. A lot of my clients are CEO’s and big shots in their industries. I shared the same stage as Deepak Chopra and went on with that moniker and brand and my career shot way up.

And shortly after that, because a lot of my clients really wanted my help with their relationships, family and self-confidence (even though they would come to me initially for business intuition advice and cleverly sneak it in at the end!) Five Star Love Life came about. But throughout each brand evolution, I realized something huge.

The Trouble with Labels

All were fabulous monikers and names to be associated with. Clever. Clear. Sexy.

The trouble was, I found that each time I tried to label myself, I started to feel weird.

I went way more into my head than was helpful.

I started trying to fit myself into a neat little box that came with owning a particular “name” and it brought up a lot of pressure, anxiety and self doubt.

  • I felt scattered and my life really mirrored that.
  • I had success but I was all over the place, literally.

I think I moved four times between 2011-2013.

  • My weight was up and down.
  • I had really great men in my life who I (or they) for one reason or another just couldn’t commit to.

And I really had to work hard to find my center. Because something felt well, off, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. I needed help.

So I booked a session with my astrologer.

And here is what he said:

“Stop thinking so much. You’re so much better when you don’t think.”

He knew that going into my head first wasn’t my Zone of Genius. It was my Zone of Chaos. The breakthroughs came when I sank into the flow of the moment and then made decisions from my gut. And then and only then, assessed with the analytical mind. When I reversed the order, I just diluted my own power.

So often, especially in our relationships, we over think things.

We make lists when we should just enjoy be-ing.

And when we are too in our head, we tend to switch off our hearts and switch on the judgement.

And the criticism. And the pressure.

Especially self-inflicted pressure. And then we aren’t truly engaging with the other person anymore. Or our life. And we start to sabotage….and we wonder why our life isn’t shaping up the way we want

Change can bring you back to yourself

I knew something had to change and it could only come from within me. So I made a commitment to stop trying to label myself and instead focused on how I could serve the world with my message: to help people trust and love themselves in a soulful way. 

Once the pressure of having to “find and fit a label” was consciously lifted off, I found that every area of my life improved.

  • I lost weight and had more energy for the things I loved.
  • I became way better at managing my money and investing in things I value vs things I think I should have.
  • And I attracted my current partner who truly accepts and loves me for who I am.

But none of that could have happened as quickly as it did if I hadn’t

  1. Consciously taken a step back to look at where I was choosing to place my energy (into obsessively over thinking and measuring every choice against how it fit into a stupid box vs. just being in the moment.)
  2. Seeing the blessings each incarnation brought me (gratitude and grace) and
  3. Made the choice to be present without worrying so much about what other people (and I) thought of me

It all begins with a simple choice to do things differently.

So, now over to you.

Q: Where do you need to stop overthinking things in your life?

Q: Where could you benefit from relaxing into the here and now?

Q: What could be possible when you do this?

Share with me in the comments below!

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video: taking a leap of faith

This new cycle is about-CHANGE.

360 Shifts.


And as we go into the homestretch of September, there is so much wonderful forward momentum happening….if you allow yourself to feel it, see it, hear it, experience it.

Another way the Universe may try to get your attention is through songs and animals.

But for this particular cycle and last week of the month, there is one totem that keeps coming up to share with you as well as a channeled message about taking a leap of faith.

I made a short video for you!

  • Get your Soul message (Universal card pull) of the themes of this week so you can maximize your energy
  • Find out the totem animal for this new cycle and what it means for you
  • Find out when this week’s New Moon is and….
  • Check out my new Portland balcony (I totally threw this one in to be silly!)

Watch it here

Q: What is one thing you want to birth for the New Moon? Share with me in the comments below!

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a new moon, a new you (ritual inside)

Great news!

If you have been feeling heavy energy, had waves of emotional confusion or indecisiveness, the Leo New Moon is here to change all that!

When it comes to your most important relationships, this looks like:

  • Saying the thing you really need/want to say to someone, even if it ruffles a few feathers
  • Setting firm boundaries that put your needs first for once …you have to look out for Numero Uno! (guilt-free!)
  • Boldly declaring your love for another…or declaring that you are done, once and for all!

Leo energy rules the heart and also the back, so right now you’re being asked to really go there with people you care about. And build a new, more solid foundation for the connection…or have the courage to let it go and trust that others will come in to take their place.

Communicate openly, share how you feel and most importantly, let yourself be vulnerable again.

For it’s really only when your heart is open and receptive that you get to experience life at the highest level…and love at the highest level.

And isn’t to be truly loved for who we really are, flaws and all really what we all want deep down?

It starts with self-acceptance. Here is one of my favorite New Moon rituals you can check out for yourself.

A New Moon Ritual

One of my favorite things to do on a New Moon like this is to take a sheet of paper out and light a yummy smelling candle.

Write down 1-5 wishes you’d like to create/develop/manifest, etc during the New Moon period (generally two weeks).

Because it’s in Leo, it’s important that whatever you write down be something that you feel truly passionate about. Something you know will help you move forward. Be specific.

Example 1: Instead of saying…”I wish for more money”, maybe when you search your heart, you find that you don’t really trust yourself to manage the money that is coming in already….so you’re afraid there is never enough.

On your list, “I wish for more money” may become, “I AM an excellent steward of my money” or “Thank you for assistance with helping me be an exceptional manager of the money in my world.”


Example 2: Instead of saying, “I want to get asked on more dates”, maybe you search your heart, and you find that you keep filling up your calendar with work, so you don’t have any time to date!

On your list, “I want to get asked on more dates” may become “Thank you for helping me create space in my heart and my schedule to go on 3 dates a week”

Do you feel the difference?

It may take a bit longer than a regular “Manifesting” List, but when you take the time to really sit with your heart and ask what the deeper desire really is, you’ll create space for miracles to rush in!


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3 tips to let go of a relationship…with love

Ending a relationship can be so emotional and hard.

There are so many emotions that can come up and even if we know that letting go is for our highest good, there may be a part of you that holds on.

In this video, I’ll share 3 tips to help you let go of a relationship that has run its course…with love.

This week’s soul question: Which one of the 3 tips will you apply to help you release during this Eclipse week?

Share with me in the comments below!

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Prefer to read?

3 Things I’ve learned about letting go of a relationship (TEXT)

  1. You don’t need to have them physically present for you to move on.
    You can do it energetically. This concept of releasing energy from the past without having to talk to them in front of you, in the flesh, used to confuse me…until I tried it and was finally able to start the healing process and move forward.
  2. Stay in the present and accept your part in the past.
    So often when a relationship ends, we want to re-hash it over and over again, usually from the point of view of our Ego, which stars us as the hero/heroine. But all this does is keep you a victim to a story that isn’t serving you. When we instead take 100% responsibility for our part in what happened, then the energy can start to move and you can see beyond the haze of your pain.
  3. You can still love someone and let them go.
    So often when I would go through a breakup, I would just brush aside any feelings of love that I had for that person because I felt so hurt. But the truth is, true, authentic Soul-level love is always present, even if it’s in your Highest Good to let each other go. Love never does; it simply changes form and expands in different directions.