5 mantras to slow down and trust (even when you don’t want to!)

For this week’s intuitive message, I pulled “Goddess Oonagh” and the card says:

“There is no need to hurry or force things to happen. Everything is occurring in perfect timing.”

As we start to approach the end of the year, you may be feeling this internal pressure to speed up, get a ton done and be “productive.”

While there’s nothing wrong with that, if it’s at the expense of your self-care and goes against the grain of what your body is telling you it needs, that’s when there is a problem.

Anxiety creeps in about the future.. “What if XYZ happen? What if XYZ doesn’t happen?”

Depression can creep in about the past. “I tried that before and look what it got me…I opened my heart and he/she broke it….I took a big risk in my business and it didn’t pan out…” etc

But the real power is when we can stay in the eye of the energetic hurricane.

Your emotions may be up and down.

But this week’s message is a reminder that you are more than your emotions.

You are more than your fears.

And you do have a choice to realign back to the present moment.

Here are 5 of my favorite mantras to help you get back in the here and manage your mind when when life starts to speed up or slow down. Say them aloud with feeling or write them in your journal to anchor it into your subconscious. Pick the one that resonates with you the most on each day or try using the same one for a week to see how it feels!

#1 Life loves me and I love life back!

#2 My needs are always met and the Universe has my back.

#3 I AM abundantly supported!

#4 It is safe for me to BE. I am enough.

#5 All is well in my world.

Q: Which Self Care Mantra calls to you today? Share with us in the comments!

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my favorite prayer to trust when you’re in transition

Right now you may be aware that changes are happening, perhaps within you or outside of you.

If you’re at all in tune with your intuition (which if you are reading this,  you are), you may have experienced in the past few weeks any of the following:

  • Strange dreams, usually quite intense even if you don’t remember them
  • A death/re-birth, maybe literally someone passed in your life or someone close to you…or you feel like a part of you has died
  • Emotional highs!! And emotional lows.
  • A burst of creative energy, followed by confusion or stuck-age to act fully on it

Any of these ring a bell?

Whenever you’re in the middle of a soul up-level or transition of any kind, it’s so important to take extra good care of yourself.

And it’s also really easy to go into your head, freak out and forget that you are always supported.

You have everything available to you when you need it. You are loved right now, just as you are, even when things are confusing or crazy in your life.

Here is my favorite prayer you can say or write when you’re in a period of transition or confusion and you just need to turn it over to something bigger than yourself.

I’ve used it when I was confused about a relationship I was in, worried about whether I was making the ‘wrong’ move in my business and during those periods when life simply tests us to stand in faith when it would be infinitely easier to stand for fear.

“Dear Spirit, I (insert your name) lovingly give you (this situation, problem, challenge, etc) to take off my shoulders.

Give me the courage to be still when it’s time to be still and to take inspired right action when it is time for me to do so.

I now give myself permission to be free and I trust that all is happening in perfect and Divine time.

I now give myself permission to stop grasping and be at peace now knowing a peaceful solution is already happening. Thank you. And so it is!”

As with all mantras, affirmation and prayer, the emotion and feeling behind the words are more important than just saying them. Visualize that energy releasing from your body as you say it. Cut off all distractions as you say it. Give yourself that gift of full power and presence as you turn it over to Spirit.

Do you like this?dianaoval.jpg

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3 steps to being an irresistable love magnet (it works for Oprah!)

Do you know one of those people who always seem to just attract positive attention wherever they go?

You may say to yourself, “They are so lucky! What do they have that I don’t?”

I call these people love magnets.

You see love is most magnetic force and these people are vibrating at such a high manifesting frequency not because of some mystical Knighting by the Universe.

They have chosen specific ways of Be-ing that draws people and love, money, miracles, etc in.

Not surprisingly the three love magnet behaviors I’m about to share with you are also the key behaviors demonstrated of some of the world’s most successful and fulfilled people (including the Divine Ms. O!)

And the best part is, you can learn them and incorporate them into your everyday life right now.

Here are the top 3:

1.  Keep your commitments

One of the marks of a truly lasting relationship is trust and trust comes from consistency.

We feel safer and more likely to open up and get emotionally intimate with someone who does that they say they will…when they say they will. Too often in dating, one person really wants to see the other and will attempt to convince the other person to change their plans. This is innocent enough and hey, it feels great to be wanted and missed. But the woman who says, “Hey, I love that you want to spend more time with me. I miss you too. However I’m unavailable tonight because I have a prior commitment” is the woman he wants. The one he’ll bend his plans for. The one that stands out above all the rest.  Even if there is temporary disappointment at not getting instant gratification the woman who keeps her commitments is extremely attractive. Self respect is sexy. Keep your commitments, even if that commitment is to wash your hair and do your overflowing pile of laundry.

2.  Be present with what’s in front of you

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of writing a really important email and suddenly your cell phone chimes that you got a new Facebook notification. You can’t resist, so you vow to quickly check your phone and as soon as you grab your phone, a friend sends you a personal message with a question. Before you know it, you’ve completely lost your train of thought for the important email and end up staring at a blank screen, feeling frustrated and annoyed (but quickly try to type back a reply on Facebook). A restless, easily distracted mind is not attractive. It’s at the mercy of everything and everyone around it. And when it comes to relationships, the more you can zero in on the conversation you’re having or the one task that’s at hand, the calmer your mind is, the more likely you are to hear your intuition and the more likely you are to actually tune into the subtle messages it gives you. You get closer to what you want, instead of being constantly pulled away from the power of the moment. And the person you are with feels like they are the most important thing in your world. Because they are. Making another feel heard and important is sexy. Be present.

3.  Know your deal breakers…and honor them.

There is a story I read somewhere about a Japanese business who made all his major business partnership decisions based on how well his lunch digested. If the meal went down smooth, he was in. If it didn’t go down well, the deal didn’t go down either.

Now, in relationships, it may not work as black and white as that, but in my book, The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again, there is a whole chapter on the importance of identifying your dealbreakers, the non-negotiable things that your Soul really needs to be able to relax and show up 100% in your relationships. These are things like knowing how you feel about having children, how important it is that the other person have the same spiritual beliefs as you, mindset on health and more. A love magnet is someone who has already done the legwork on identifying these and she makes decisions based on whether something aligns or misaligns to that list. And she’s comfortable saying no a lot because she knows that when she honors her dealbreakers, she makes choices that honor her most elevated, magnetic self. And when she honors herself, everybody around her benefits and gets the best of what she has to offer. Boundaries are sexy. Clarity is key. Know your deal breakers.

This week’s soul question: Which of the three love magnet behaviors will you commit to practice this week? Why did you choose that particular one? Tell me in the comments below!

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ready to bring in the new? here’s your june message

Are you ready for the new? June’s energy is like a large gust of wind coming in, sweeping in new opportunities, sweeping out old and outdated things and people in your life and we all get a chance to get back on the horse and start over!

In this video I share:

  • The three key actions June is inviting you to take to maximize your month
  • A Goddess Guidance oracle card message to bring it all together
  • Lots of uplifting, loving vibes from me to you to have an awesome fresh start!

Watch it below.

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don’t let this slow your flow

Has this ever happened to you?

You want a relationship.

Or a job.

Or a home.

You’ve gotten specific. You’ve checked to make sure it’s a true desire vs. a passing want. And you’re taking action and also waiting for signs to keep going and pass Go.

But nothing much seems to be happening.

You ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?”

Sometimes it’s truly about Divine timing and we just have to be more patient and shift the focus to appreciating all the abundance, love, money, etc already present.

Other times, it’s that we need to tweak and be more clear on what we’re asking for.

Or we need to take different action.

But sometimes it’s something else that could be slowing your flow.

It’s subtle, but very very important.

It’s because we are emotionally attached and energetically hooked into that thing we want from a place of fear.

We’ve all done it (myself included!) and what it’s really saying to the Universe is “Please give me that thing. I need it. I need it so badly. I’m afraid I won’t get it. So I’m going to cling and focus so hard on it so you know that it’s really mine…. and could you please give it to me now so I can stop worrying about losing it?”

I liken it to a child squeezing their pet so hard that the thing literally yelps and trying to escape its grasp.

And most importantly, it needs to feel the energy of genuine joy and passion to be drawn to you. Very different than fear and anxiety.

Especially if what you are trying to call in is a relationship.

So…what can you do about it?

Here it is: Shift your perception from what you’re going to get to what you will bring to this this that you’re asking for.

Ask yourself: “What can I bring to this person/situation/etc?” It could be something simple like, laughter and fun.

In short: pour your passion into it vs. worrying about what you aren’t getting/are getting from it.

And here’s the cool part: Then…the Universe gives you more anyway. Way more. Like blow your mind, whoa-really-I-get-all-this more.

I’m not totally sure why it works that way, but it’s just been my personal experience.

Who would you rather date? The giver or the taker?

Which one are you drawn to?

Be the giver and you will get, naturally.


Now over to you beautiful Soul!

Q: What is one quality that you feel you bring to a relationship (or whatever it is that you are currently desiring)? Declare it in the comments below and let’s rev up your manifesting energy for the upcoming new Moon!


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