my favorite prayer to trust when you’re in transition

Right now you may be aware that changes are happening, perhaps within you or outside of you.

If you’re at all in tune with your intuition (which if you are reading this,  you are), you may have experienced in the past few weeks any of the following:

  • Strange dreams, usually quite intense even if you don’t remember them
  • A death/re-birth, maybe literally someone passed in your life or someone close to you…or you feel like a part of you has died
  • Emotional highs!! And emotional lows.
  • A burst of creative energy, followed by confusion or stuck-age to act fully on it

Any of these ring a bell?

Whenever you’re in the middle of a soul up-level or transition of any kind, it’s so important to take extra good care of yourself.

And it’s also really easy to go into your head, freak out and forget that you are always supported.

You have everything available to you when you need it. You are loved right now, just as you are, even when things are confusing or crazy in your life.

Here is my favorite prayer you can say or write when you’re in a period of transition or confusion and you just need to turn it over to something bigger than yourself.

I’ve used it when I was confused about a relationship I was in, worried about whether I was making the ‘wrong’ move in my business and during those periods when life simply tests us to stand in faith when it would be infinitely easier to stand for fear.

“Dear Spirit, I (insert your name) lovingly give you (this situation, problem, challenge, etc) to take off my shoulders.

Give me the courage to be still when it’s time to be still and to take inspired right action when it is time for me to do so.

I now give myself permission to be free and I trust that all is happening in perfect and Divine time.

I now give myself permission to stop grasping and be at peace now knowing a peaceful solution is already happening. Thank you. And so it is!”

As with all mantras, affirmation and prayer, the emotion and feeling behind the words are more important than just saying them. Visualize that energy releasing from your body as you say it. Cut off all distractions as you say it. Give yourself that gift of full power and presence as you turn it over to Spirit.

Do you like this?dianaoval.jpg

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