$150,000 in 3 min…Supermoon miracles+ a challenge for you!

Happy Tuesday!

Have you seen the Super moon in Taurus? I’ve been catching gorgeous pictures from my friends in Arizona because in Portland, we got so much rain, I couldn’t see it!

Because it’s in Taurus, you may be seeing themes in your life such as:

  • Material: Wanting more financial prosperity, stability, better management of your resources
  • Physical: Emphasis on sensuality, sexuality/sex, beauty (inner and outer)
  • Mental/Emotional: Holding your own, commitment in partnerships, taking a stand for something…and sticking to it

The air is ripe for miracles and I wanted to share one with you today that I saw on my Facebook feed.

One of my friends was at a workshop in NYC this morning where Bob Proctor was one of the speakers.

A woman stood up and basically declared that she needed $150,000 to help fund her non profit charitable organization for children.

She went balls out and asked Proctor directly for his support in front of the entire crowd!

The result?

He said, “If 14 of you listening to this will donate $10k, I will add in my own $10k. What are you waiting for people?”

Now, we have been conditioned to believe that raising $150k might take a long time….or that she would have had to create a super thought out plan and hound people for pennies.

This all transpired in three minutes.

The Universe has no limits to the magic we can create with it. The only restrictions are the ones in our minds and in our belief system.

So when you hear yourself saying stuff like…”I really want to do this but I just don’t think I have enough time/resources/energy…” or “I’ve always wanted to do XYZ but I’m not qualified enough…it would take too much work…I’m too old/not old enough/not (fill in the blank).

I’m calling B.S right now 🙂

Check yourself. Because when your desire is strong enough, those excuses just don’t hold up.

You will find yourself willing to do things outside your comfort zone.

And it doesn’t have to take forever and a day for you to change something in your life.

Unless you believe it does.

Are you up for a challenge?

When I sat outside watching the rain last night pour down, I lit a candle and took out my journal and got quiet. I asked, “What feels like fun?” (tapping into desire)

And what came out was to offer a free challenge as we round the end of 2016 starting this Sunday Nov 20 called “Live Like A Goddess!” A 3-WEEK CHALLENGE TO SHED YOUR OLD SKIN + FEEL HAPPY, ADORED AND FREE!

I ran this twice this year and each time I was floored by the insights and internal stretches the women in there made in the short 3 weeks.

Magic and miracles happen everyday.

If you’re ready to meet other Goddesses, get clear on what is holding you back from fully expressing your personal power, take me for a test drive as your spiritual mentor and sign up!

We start Sunday! Click below to join us (FREE).

Live Like a Goddess



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