5 mantras to slow down and trust (even when you don’t want to!)

For this week’s intuitive message, I pulled “Goddess Oonagh” and the card says:

“There is no need to hurry or force things to happen. Everything is occurring in perfect timing.”

As we start to approach the end of the year, you may be feeling this internal pressure to speed up, get a ton done and be “productive.”

While there’s nothing wrong with that, if it’s at the expense of your self-care and goes against the grain of what your body is telling you it needs, that’s when there is a problem.

Anxiety creeps in about the future.. “What if XYZ happen? What if XYZ doesn’t happen?”

Depression can creep in about the past. “I tried that before and look what it got me…I opened my heart and he/she broke it….I took a big risk in my business and it didn’t pan out…” etc

But the real power is when we can stay in the eye of the energetic hurricane.

Your emotions may be up and down.

But this week’s message is a reminder that you are more than your emotions.

You are more than your fears.

And you do have a choice to realign back to the present moment.

Here are 5 of my favorite mantras to help you get back in the here and manage your mind when when life starts to speed up or slow down. Say them aloud with feeling or write them in your journal to anchor it into your subconscious. Pick the one that resonates with you the most on each day or try using the same one for a week to see how it feels!

#1 Life loves me and I love life back!

#2 My needs are always met and the Universe has my back.

#3 I AM abundantly supported!

#4 It is safe for me to BE. I am enough.

#5 All is well in my world.

Q: Which Self Care Mantra calls to you today? Share with us in the comments!

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