when your head is at war with your heart, do this..

screen-shot-2016-12-13-at-7-39-04-amI should want this, I remember saying to myself after I got a job offer from a non-profit years ago.

It was everything I said I wanted. Steady pay, a heart-centered mission and would help kids indirectly. I would use my writing skills, my organizational skills…it was consistent.

But everything in my body just felt… tight.

You should want this, Diana. This is a good opportunity my mind kept chiming in.

Have you ever had this happen to you, where your head and your heart are at war?

For days, I tortured myself with sleepless, fitful nights where I battled out pros and cons in my head, tried to justify that I would still make time for the things that really made my heart sing; you know the drill, right?

But something deep deep inside me told me that if I took that job, I really wouldn’t make time for my dreams. I would be doing it because of fear and risk-avoidance. Not because it truly lit up my creative juices and felt expansive.

I should want it. But I just really didn’t.

In the end, I listened to my body, turned the offer down with bated breath …and my life took on a completely different trajectory. I ended up going back to school to get my yoga teacher certification and life coaching certification, living in the desert and reconnecting with my mother. Not exactly the plan, but I was so happy.

When I followed my intuition, everything inside me breathed a sigh of relief because I was aligned and centered with my Soul.

Was it a risk? Yes!

Was it worth it? Yes!

But every time you turn down a “should,” you train your subconscious mind to receive an absolute-OMG-I-couldn’t-have-imagined-this-YES! Tweet that!

The first weekend seminar of coaching school, I landed my very first coaching client!

Could I have seen that that would happen? No way Jose!

But that’s an example of how the Universe can surprise us and open you up to a world of possibilities you couldn’t even see before…when you choose your Truth over your insecurities or fears.

Soul Q: Have you ever experienced a war between your head and your heart? What was the situation and how did you move through it? Share! (I promise to read every single one, although I cannot guarantee a reply!)

That’s one of the things we are going to explore in Self Care for Your Soul in 2017.

And if you know that you’re tired of making decisions based on what you should want vs. what you really really really want, the good news is that it’s possible.

It requires learning how to make aligned decisions that bring you closer to your Purpose.

It’s about learning how to stop capping your own spiritual potential to receive.

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