what you seek, seeks you too! an easy way to rev up your magic!

Did that subject line make you smile?

I hope so because it’s true!

It’s a New Moon in powerful, truth-telling, adventure-seeking Sagittarius and it is that time to pop the cork off your deepest desires that will lay the foundation for the next cycle of your life.

No pressure or anything.

And part of tapping into your desires, especially around relationships and love is TRUSTING and BELIEVING that what you are seeking…is also in fact, fervently seeking you too.

Spiritual tip-off: It’s about emanating the vibration of what you want as if you already HAVE it and even beyond that, tapping into the unmet need that it’s bringing up-usually like feeling not enough, not worthy, not special, etc.

But in order to actually get into that crazy, flowy awesome space, you’ve gotta help the Universe out a little!

The secret is easier than you think.

The answer?




Activate your creativity and childlike imagination.

Examples from my client files and personal experience (changed names to protect privacy):

To get in the feeling of more than enough, Sarah went to the mall and mentally “bought” anything she wanted in each of the stores she had been afraid to go in. According to her, “I felt like a silly idiot, but walked out of there feeling super filled up and confident and actually got an idea on the drive home for ways to rev up my income!”

To get in the feeling of being married to the love of her life, Anna went to David’s Bridal and tried on 3 dresses, even saying that she was engaged! She said, “I decided to be engaged to the Universe until Mr Right showed up and since they didn’t specify, it wasn’t a lie and I had so much fun for the first time in a long time!”

To get in the feeling of going to Italy on a solo trip (a long held dream!), I’d make Italian food (ok, I bought Italian food!) and went on Airbnb daily for three weeks. Within that time, it turned out that I had enough points saved on Continental since I was little to cover a round trip ticket. Then, I found a sweet room in Florence and I took off a month after that!

All of this comes from trusting that what you seek is already seeking you. And that if it’s a true Soul desire, it will be yours, but first you must act as if  you don’t “need” it. And you get something even more aligned and perfect than your head could see.

Q: Have you ever “acted as if?” Do you have a fun story? Share it with us in the comments!


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