can i give you a gift on this full moon?

Happy Tuesday!

Did you get a chance to stare outside and take a look at the Full Moon?

Many of you have shared that your sleep has been restless, your dreams have been “interesting” and suddenly, it’s like certain things that always used to fit into your life just…don’t. Oh, and then there’s that strong dose of “needing to be productive and get organized” energy.

Are you feeling me?

You’re not going crazy.

Things are just getting re-arranged in your favor, even when they come in strange packaging.

And this Full Moon is all about the S-word.


Where can you be of more service to yourself and others?

Where can you allow yourself to receive more from the people in your life who want to help you?

Where in your life are you allowing or resisting?


The Universe wants to bring you more, but first you must be open to receiving more (without guilt or shame)

So…in the Spirit of Service, may I give you 35+ free gifts and a chance to win a private session with me ($300 value)?

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If so, welcome! I’m so glad you are here and I hope you are already enjoying your gifts!

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I believe that the gifts are only available for another day or so, so please do yourself a favor, pour yourself a cup of tea and click on everything you feel guided to grab from the feast!

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This week’s Soul question:

Q: Where do I feel guided to GIVE and be of greater service? Where can I open myself up to receive more service from another?



PS: Stay tuned for March because I have something I am going to spill the beans about that is so freakin exciting I can hardly stand it!

where are you right now? how to stop future trippin and making yourself crazy

So, one of my favorite poses to teach in yoga is Warrior 2.

I have a special kinship with it and if you’re not familiar with it, you basically take a giant step back with your right or left foot, bend into the front knee,  your arms are in a T-position and your torso is turned to the side. (image here)

I wasn’t exactly a born yogi.

I’m restless. I hate to be still and at the beginning of my yoga practice, I just wanted to push myself to be the most flexible person in the room with her leg up highest (yes it was super obnoxious but that’s what you get when you put a ballerina in a room with mirrors. we just want to look amazing!)

So anyhow, the teacher had us go into Warrior 2 and I was so proud at how deep I bent down-surely she would notice. My front thigh was burning and I looked beyond my fingers and stretched my front arm with so much force you’d think I was reaching for the last cup of water on earth.

It was not comfortable at all.

It was actually quite painful.

She came right by me and gave me a few adjustments and told me to breathe.


And then she said the following (when you totally know that what she’s about to say is probably about something you did, but she’s trying to be diplomatic and make it be beneficial for the whole class).

I used to teach high school English.

I know the deal, my logical mind shouted.

The Lesson:

She said, “Where you right now? If you stretch your torso too far forward, you put pressure on  your knee and you are concerning yourself too much with the future that does not yet exist. This is the energy of anxiety.

If you hang back and stretch back with your back arm, you are stuck in the past. This is the energy of depression.

The power comes in the present.

So, instead of reaching towards or away from something beyond your fingers, think about sinking your hold torso DOWN. Sink into this moment, feeling balanced in both the front and the back feet.

That is the gift of the present. Peace.

Well that about summed up my entire life.

So often I found myself obsessing about the next little tragedy that was sure to happen in a relationship….the whole waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop thing.

Or obsessing and reliving the past and getting myself all sad and yes depressed that time (and a guy) had moved on from me.

So there in that yoga room, in Warrior 2, I found the peace I was so desperately looking for but didn’t even know I needed.

Over to you.

This week’s soul question: What is one tip or suggestion that has helped you stay out of the past and future tripping? Please share in the comments below!

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how to stop feeling invisible

One of you lovely souls who shall remain anonymous asked me to address the following question from last year’s feedback form:

Q: Diana, can you give me any tips for how to stop feeling invisible in my life?  I feel like other people just draw attention naturally to themselves, but I’m not like that and I would really like to make new friends and have a relationship that lasts past two dates.

A: First off, thank you so much for your bravery in asking this question. Feeling invisible when you want to connect with others socially and romantically can feel incredibly frustrating.

Here’s a question to consider asking yourself that is something I wrote about in last week’s blog in more detail.

Q: Close your eyes and imagine that you walk into a party or you walk into a first date. Immediately people want to come up and talk with you and engage with you. If you’re visualizing a date, they compliment you and ask you personal questions to genuinely get to know you better. What happens in your body as you imagine this? And secondly, what are you afraid to share with them or afraid that they will ask you about?

Write those down. Often times when we feel invisible it is because deep down, our subconscious fears are driving the bus.

And here’s the big take-away:

When we feel invisible, there is a good chance that the perceived pain of revealing a part of ourselves to another is greater than the desire to have the relationship we say we want.  TWEET THAT!

And as long as that is true, you’ll keep feeling invisible.

If you’re ready to change that, the next step is to look at the list of things you wrote down and start accepting and loving yourself, even the things you are scared of people finding out. Once you can accept yourself, flaws and all, you’ll be radiating a different energy that says, “come talk to me. I’m comfortable with myself as I am and you are free to come as you are too.” That’s magnetism!

Thank you so much for asking this important question and please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing after checking out this exercise!

Q: Have YOU ever felt invisible in your life? What helped you come out of that feeling? Share your wisdom intuitive Souls in the comments below!

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do you self-sabotage? here’s how to stop. asap.

It’s no secret that when you aren’t creating what you want in your life, particularly in relationships, it’s very likely that self-sabotage may be part of the puzzle.

We’ve all done it.

example: You say you are going to go off carbs for ten days, only to find yourself driving your ass to In and Out Burger after the fifth day and getting the fries, bread and the whole sha-bang.

example: You are a coach and you’ve created your first program. You’ve written authentic, juicy copy that makes you smile everyday you read it, you know it will change lives and you put it on your website ……and tell no one about it.  And wonder why no one has signed up.

example: You are very clear that you want to be in a long-term, committed, sexy relationship…but you are still having sex with your ex because no one else has showed up and you’ve come up a hundred reasons why you shouldn’t message back any guys on OkCupid.

No shame sister.

All three of the examples above are mine from various points in my Goddess life.

But if you’re done with the self-sabotage game, like really really done with it, and you are ready to manifest what you keep saying you want, there are 2 questions you must ask and answer honestly if you’re ever going to change the pattern.


Hold your breath and count to ten.

Just kidding.

Here it is.

The Two Questions

Q1: What are the payoffs/perks/benefits you get from continuing to believe X story, X situation or thinking X thought?

Q2: What are you afraid will happen if you actually GET/HAVE/MANIFEST X desire?

When I first did this exercise years ago, I thought it was crazy.

How could there be any benefits to staying where I was? And the second question?

I was a kick-ass independent, courageous Goddess. I wasn’t afraid of change…or was I?

But when I let my logical mind stay open, and I relaxed my body, I asked again.

Nothing happened. I got super annoyed.

And then I asked again. My shoulders dropped. Progress.

And then again.

And finally, I started to get stuff to write down.

What came out, again just to give you an example using #3 was the following:

The Breakthrough

By continuing to engage with my ex, the pay-offs included: physical pleasure, attention and familiarity. It was comfortable.

When I asked myself what I was afraid would happen if I actually did stop seeing him and put myself out there again….and manifested a loving, long-term partnership with someone new, here’s what came up. Some of them were completely irrational but most of the time, fears are!

-I was afraid of them thinking I was strange for doing psychic/intuitive work, fearing they would try and make me get a regular job.

-I was afraid it wouldn’t work out and then I’d feel like a loser, having another failed relationship

-I was afraid my business would suffer if I gave it my all in love.

And on and on it went. I think I wrote a full page of fears.

No wonder I was subconsciously invested in staying single and comfortable with a casual relationship with an ex!

Who wants to experience all of that?

But once I saw them for what they were-subconscious fears and stories that I was choosing to subscribe to, I felt free.

Perfect? Heck no.

Completely unafraid and unstoppable?


The most important piece.

But I had something more important than all of that.

A new awareness.

And with awareness, you start to change everything.

One day at a time.

With practice and a combo of spiritual and practical tools in your arsenal, you can make adjustments when you feel the fears creep up….before they start to run the show.

And you can actually hear the voice of your intuition instead of a fear-based subconscious voice that tries to trick you into believing a story that isn’t even real!

This is exactly what I teach in my upcoming virtual group program, Intuition Boot Camp (formerly called Intuition 101): 5 weeks to master the art of decision-making to boost your confidence, come back into balance and free your monkey mind! We start March 1….click here to get on the priority notification list so you’ll be the first to know when registration doors open! (super soon!!) 

Now over to you.10363775_10202795961518938_2428182819912217634_n

This week’s Soul question: Do you have a pattern you’re ready to change? Ask yourself either or both of the questions above and if you’re feeling brave, leave a comment on this blog so we can support you!

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