how to stop feeling invisible

One of you lovely souls who shall remain anonymous asked me to address the following question from last year’s feedback form:

Q: Diana, can you give me any tips for how to stop feeling invisible in my life?  I feel like other people just draw attention naturally to themselves, but I’m not like that and I would really like to make new friends and have a relationship that lasts past two dates.

A: First off, thank you so much for your bravery in asking this question. Feeling invisible when you want to connect with others socially and romantically can feel incredibly frustrating.

Here’s a question to consider asking yourself that is something I wrote about in last week’s blog in more detail.

Q: Close your eyes and imagine that you walk into a party or you walk into a first date. Immediately people want to come up and talk with you and engage with you. If you’re visualizing a date, they compliment you and ask you personal questions to genuinely get to know you better. What happens in your body as you imagine this? And secondly, what are you afraid to share with them or afraid that they will ask you about?

Write those down. Often times when we feel invisible it is because deep down, our subconscious fears are driving the bus.

And here’s the big take-away:

When we feel invisible, there is a good chance that the perceived pain of revealing a part of ourselves to another is greater than the desire to have the relationship we say we want.  TWEET THAT!

And as long as that is true, you’ll keep feeling invisible.

If you’re ready to change that, the next step is to look at the list of things you wrote down and start accepting and loving yourself, even the things you are scared of people finding out. Once you can accept yourself, flaws and all, you’ll be radiating a different energy that says, “come talk to me. I’m comfortable with myself as I am and you are free to come as you are too.” That’s magnetism!

Thank you so much for asking this important question and please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing after checking out this exercise!

Q: Have YOU ever felt invisible in your life? What helped you come out of that feeling? Share your wisdom intuitive Souls in the comments below!

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