where are you right now? how to stop future trippin and making yourself crazy

So, one of my favorite poses to teach in yoga is Warrior 2.

I have a special kinship with it and if you’re not familiar with it, you basically take a giant step back with your right or left foot, bend into the front knee,  your arms are in a T-position and your torso is turned to the side. (image here)

I wasn’t exactly a born yogi.

I’m restless. I hate to be still and at the beginning of my yoga practice, I just wanted to push myself to be the most flexible person in the room with her leg up highest (yes it was super obnoxious but that’s what you get when you put a ballerina in a room with mirrors. we just want to look amazing!)

So anyhow, the teacher had us go into Warrior 2 and I was so proud at how deep I bent down-surely she would notice. My front thigh was burning and I looked beyond my fingers and stretched my front arm with so much force you’d think I was reaching for the last cup of water on earth.

It was not comfortable at all.

It was actually quite painful.

She came right by me and gave me a few adjustments and told me to breathe.


And then she said the following (when you totally know that what she’s about to say is probably about something you did, but she’s trying to be diplomatic and make it be beneficial for the whole class).

I used to teach high school English.

I know the deal, my logical mind shouted.

The Lesson:

She said, “Where you right now? If you stretch your torso too far forward, you put pressure on  your knee and you are concerning yourself too much with the future that does not yet exist. This is the energy of anxiety.

If you hang back and stretch back with your back arm, you are stuck in the past. This is the energy of depression.

The power comes in the present.

So, instead of reaching towards or away from something beyond your fingers, think about sinking your hold torso DOWN. Sink into this moment, feeling balanced in both the front and the back feet.

That is the gift of the present. Peace.

Well that about summed up my entire life.

So often I found myself obsessing about the next little tragedy that was sure to happen in a relationship….the whole waiting-for-the-other-shoe-to-drop thing.

Or obsessing and reliving the past and getting myself all sad and yes depressed that time (and a guy) had moved on from me.

So there in that yoga room, in Warrior 2, I found the peace I was so desperately looking for but didn’t even know I needed.

Over to you.

This week’s soul question: What is one tip or suggestion that has helped you stay out of the past and future tripping? Please share in the comments below!

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