can i give you a gift on this full moon?

Happy Tuesday!

Did you get a chance to stare outside and take a look at the Full Moon?

Many of you have shared that your sleep has been restless, your dreams have been “interesting” and suddenly, it’s like certain things that always used to fit into your life just…don’t. Oh, and then there’s that strong dose of “needing to be productive and get organized” energy.

Are you feeling me?

You’re not going crazy.

Things are just getting re-arranged in your favor, even when they come in strange packaging.

And this Full Moon is all about the S-word.


Where can you be of more service to yourself and others?

Where can you allow yourself to receive more from the people in your life who want to help you?

Where in your life are you allowing or resisting?


The Universe wants to bring you more, but first you must be open to receiving more (without guilt or shame)

So…in the Spirit of Service, may I give you 35+ free gifts and a chance to win a private session with me ($300 value)?

Some of you have found me through my good friends Sherold Barr and Wendy Gless’s More Money, Love and Everyday Miracles Give-Away.

If so, welcome! I’m so glad you are here and I hope you are already enjoying your gifts!

Haven’t heard of the Give-away?

In a nutshell, I’m proud to be a featured expert along with many other fabulous powerhouse spiritual Goddesses including Colette Baron-Reid, Crystal Andrus, Elizabeth Purvis…and we are offering the community our gifts.

For free.

High value, content-rich gifts designed to support you in growing your business if you have one, opening up to bring in more money, experiencing deeper and more satisfying l-o-v-e (you guys know I am ALL about that!) and most importantly, cultivating a life that is based on your desires.

It’s like attending a gorgeous 5-star gourmet dinner and getting the most delicious, nourishing yummy food that you want. Except it’s for your Soul.

I believe that the gifts are only available for another day or so, so please do yourself a favor, pour yourself a cup of tea and click on everything you feel guided to grab from the feast!

Get your goodies here Goddess:

This week’s Soul question:

Q: Where do I feel guided to GIVE and be of greater service? Where can I open myself up to receive more service from another?



PS: Stay tuned for March because I have something I am going to spill the beans about that is so freakin exciting I can hardly stand it!

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