when in doubt, just dance…plus a gift!

I was feeling really “off” today. Like emotional, weepy and just super triggered by the smallest little things.

Have you ever felt like that?

Here are two things I do that can help you:

I find that when I’m in that space, I’m usually in my head. And I’m usually stuck in a silly loop and isolate myself.

Worried about what hasn’t happened yet or could happen.

Or obsessing about what has already happened.

1) And if you’ve been feeling off too, one thing that always helps me is to move my body.

I’m a dancer by nature so I know that when I turn on some tunes and close my eyes and just allow my body to move exactly the way it wants to, I feel better.

Things become more clear.

All that frustration, anger, insecurity, whatever…I just give it to the dance. 

I purposely don’t dance in a room with mirrors because it’s not about what your body looks like. It’s about bringing you home to yourself again.

2) Another thing I do is force myself to reach out to friends.
I actually reached out to two close people in my life and let them support me while I was feeling really vulnerable and emotional. 

Giving up the lone-wolf thing where you have to do it all yourself can be really really hard.

I grew up in a family where self-sufficiency was prized (can you relate?) so I’ve had to learn how to be vulnerable.

But the days of going at it alone are so over for me.

The blessings I’ve created and welcomed into my life and that I’ve seen with my Goddess on Fire VIP 10 month clients and others all point to the same thing:

We thrive on CONNECTION.

Feeling connected to your Purpose.

To your heart.

To your community.

And to your Soul.

So…I’m excited to announce that I’ve created a Society called the Empowered Goddess Society! 


It kicks off next year and as a gift for being in my online community, I would love to gift you a trial month so you can experience it in December! <3 

Click here to learn more and join me + other kick-ass Goddesses!

And remember: when in doubt, just dance.

Here’s one of my favorite tunes for you in case you’re feeling the vibe right. now.

do you think this is weird?

Happy Thanksgiving week!

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, it’s normal to have bigger questions start to come up like…
-where is this relationship/idea/job, etc going?
-what do I really want?
-what do I really need?
-what do I value most in my life?
-where do I want to go next?

It’s a time for self-reflection and it can also stir up some unresolved stuff with family, partners, friends and yes, how you feel about yourself. 🙂

If you’re in a relationship, the choice to spend the holidays with each other (or to not) can be a source of tension, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today’s Q: “Diana, is it weird to not spend Thanksgiving/the holidays with my significant other?”

This is a GREAT question and there are several layers behind it. 

Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, you will get a lot out of this Q+A as it can be applied to any relationship in your life. 

Click below to listen to the answer.

Have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving week. 

I am super grateful to have you in my community and whatever you choose to do, know this:

You are loved.
You are beautiful.
You are enough.

ps: I have a very special announcement coming in a few days and an opportunity to connect with me for free before the end of the year, so stay tuned!


do you tend to overthink…everything?

Happy Wed beautiful!

Is it cold where you are right now? The weather just turned chillier here in Arizona and  there’s something about needing that extra blanket on the bed that invites self-reflection…or obsessive overthinking…or Netflix binges (done all three btw).

But what do you do when your mind seems to take on a life of its own?

Today’s Q+A comes from anonymous: “Diana, I feel incredibly overwhelmed and I can’t seem stop the monkey mind when it comes to relationships and dating. I just recently got back into the ‘game’ and I’m feeling overwhelmed and am overthinking every single date I go on. How can I have peace of mind and just stay present?”

We’ve all been there before, right?!

If it’s not with dating, it could be with a new career/job, new fitness regimen-anything you’re new to that takes you out of your comfort zone.

So what’s a Goddess to do?

Click below to hear my response:

Have an amazing day!

when shi& happens…+ fun sedona pic!

Happy Wednesday!

How is your week going? 

I am still coming off the high from the Way of the Wise Sedona retreat! Was such a pleasure to hold space for amazing Goddesses facing their Truth and stepping into their power (pic below!)

One of the things that came up was this idea of responsibility and our role in accepting or not accepting the things that happen in our lives.

So when I got a personal message from another Goddess on Facebook asking me a question around the same topic, I knew that was this week’s topic!

Have you ever faced an upsetting situation like being lied to or having something go south in a relationship that you weren’t expecting?

From “A” on Facebook:
Q: When faced with an upsetting situation, such as being lied to or cheated on, how do we separate from our ego when we are saying, ‘I deserve honesty,  or I deserve to be treated better dammit?! Is it our right? Or is it simply a strong desire?

This is SUCH a juicy question and there are a few key gems in it that you can apply to any situation that has caused you stress. 

Click below to hear my response to her

Have an amazing week!