do you think this is weird?

Happy Thanksgiving week!

As we approach the beginning of the holiday season, it’s normal to have bigger questions start to come up like…
-where is this relationship/idea/job, etc going?
-what do I really want?
-what do I really need?
-what do I value most in my life?
-where do I want to go next?

It’s a time for self-reflection and it can also stir up some unresolved stuff with family, partners, friends and yes, how you feel about yourself. 🙂

If you’re in a relationship, the choice to spend the holidays with each other (or to not) can be a source of tension, but it doesn’t have to be.

Today’s Q: “Diana, is it weird to not spend Thanksgiving/the holidays with my significant other?”

This is a GREAT question and there are several layers behind it. 

Even if you aren’t in a romantic relationship, you will get a lot out of this Q+A as it can be applied to any relationship in your life. 

Click below to listen to the answer.

Have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving week. 

I am super grateful to have you in my community and whatever you choose to do, know this:

You are loved.
You are beautiful.
You are enough.

ps: I have a very special announcement coming in a few days and an opportunity to connect with me for free before the end of the year, so stay tuned!


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