when shi& happens…+ fun sedona pic!

Happy Wednesday!

How is your week going? 

I am still coming off the high from the Way of the Wise Sedona retreat! Was such a pleasure to hold space for amazing Goddesses facing their Truth and stepping into their power (pic below!)

One of the things that came up was this idea of responsibility and our role in accepting or not accepting the things that happen in our lives.

So when I got a personal message from another Goddess on Facebook asking me a question around the same topic, I knew that was this week’s topic!

Have you ever faced an upsetting situation like being lied to or having something go south in a relationship that you weren’t expecting?

From “A” on Facebook:
Q: When faced with an upsetting situation, such as being lied to or cheated on, how do we separate from our ego when we are saying, ‘I deserve honesty,  or I deserve to be treated better dammit?! Is it our right? Or is it simply a strong desire?

This is SUCH a juicy question and there are a few key gems in it that you can apply to any situation that has caused you stress. 

Click below to hear my response to her

Have an amazing week!



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