3 Steps to Prepare Yourself for “The Talk” aka Breakups

Let’s face it. Breakups suck. Whether you’re the one breaking up or the person broken up with, there’s no easy way around it.  A breakup is not limited to a love relationship. There’s also the severing of ties with business partners or clients. Or maybe a friendship that has long expired.


No matter what arena the breakup falls in, it’s uncomfortable, it’s awkward and in most cases, it’s necessary. But there is good news. Once you are completely clear that you want to break up, know that it is completely possible to do so GRACEFULLY in a way that keeps everyone’s dignity intact and communicates exactly what’s true for you.


The most challenging part is BEFORE. And feeling safe and supported going into a conversation that you would rather avoid but you know you need to have. I’m here to help you. It just requires a little prep work and a commitment to take action.


In this video, I want to share:

  • The 3 things you must do before you have “the uncomfortable talk” with ANYONE
  • An unconventional way to feel supported before “the talk” to ensure that the “talk” goes as smoothly as possible
  • A FREE PDF “Before the Talk” sheet for you to download below this blog 

Now it’s YOUR turn to try it out and TAKE ACTION!

  1. Download your free PDF: 3 Steps to Prep Yourself before
  2. What did YOU experience when you tried out the AA Gabrielle mantra?
  3. Post a comment below this video at the blog.

 Sneak peek:

Next week, I’ll be sharing a simple 4 step formula to help you know how to structure “the talk” so it sets you up for a win:win. Stay tuned and for FREE updates, join my CEO family over at www.DianaDorell.com


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Live Stream Video: How to Raise the B-A-R in your life (3 easy steps)


The live-stream video below is from my recent talk in New York City at the State of Now Conference!

You’ll get to hear my 10 minute talk on “How to Look for Love in All The Right Places!”

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The #1, hands-down BEST Pick-Up Line you’ve ever heard (fellas, are you taking notes?)
  • The 3 top strategies to creating authentic, lasting relationships (you can use for business or personal)
  • Proof that Angels really do exist (true story)

Important NOTE: The guy in purple that you see is the Founder and Organizer of the event, Jeff Keni Pulver.

My talk is right after his brief introduction. And if you have time, you’ll want to watch the guy on AFTER me too. His name is Ted Rubin and he is a single, divorced dad of two teenage daughters and shares powerful insights to bridge parenting as well as cherishing moments and creating lasting friendships.



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1. What is ONE actionable tid-bit you got from the video above?

2. What helps YOU get through negative self-talk?

Post your insights on here! I’d love to hear from you.

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3 Steps to Stop Feeling Like a ‘Fraud’ in Your Life

So, today’s post comes from a comment one of my favorite clients shared with me and I have a feeling that you may vibe with it (or know someone who would).

She is a very successful consultant and she is dedicated to helping her clients bring order and organization back to their business. But despite all her success (she practically has a waiting list because she’s so awesome at what she does!), there was a nagging feeling she couldn’t shake.

Q: “Diana, how do I deal with this feeling of guilt for helping my clients organize their business when I don’t have my own shit together?”

(Translation: How do I stop feeling like a fraud?)


This is a BIG and very common feeling that I hear running rampant, especially with super freakin talented (and successful!) service-providers and it’s time to address this.

I’m super passionate about this, so I’m going to offer insights in two parts over two weeks.

Today, you get Part One.


A: (Part 1) How to Deal with Feeling Like You’re a Fraud in your Business (Or your Love Life)


Step 1: Recognize the Pattern
In my experience, this “fraud voice” usually comes up when you are about to make a BIG change, leap or transition that you KNOW is right
(it’s actually been a long time coming) but there’s fear because there are no guarantees that it’s all actually going to work out.) You just FEEL it. (And the thought of NOT doing it feels like you’d be selling out on yourself/out of integrity.)

Ex: Raising your rates, Having the “Talk” with your significant other or finally starting your own spiritually-based business.

Is this you?
Step 2. CALMLY acknowledge the voice
If so, after taking a few deep breaths, state ALOUD: “I recognize that I am currently experiencing fear around __________(insert your BIG leap here). I see you. I feel you. And I acknowledge that you are here to protect me. Thank you for sharing.”All that voice really is is the Ego and it stems from the belief that you are somehow separate from another or the world. You aren’t. That’s an illusion. But for the love of Goddess, acknowledge the voice or it’s just going to be like a 4 year old and get louder and more annoying until you give it attention 🙂


Step 3: Go back to your WHY (Vision)
What was the reason you got into your business in the first place? What drew you to want to be close to that person? Write it down. Dance it out. Sing about it. Heck, I even had one client RECORD her own voice for what her WHY was and she plays it every morning on her fancy i-phone!

When we re-visit our WHY (or vision), our bigger intention, all of a sudden, the subconscious remembers, “Oh yea, it’s not about Me (Ego). It’s about being in service and using my gifts to the fullest extent of my potential.” (or your own version of that!)


Take Action Time:

I want to hear from you:

1. What helps YOU tame that “fraud” voice? Post a comment on here!

2. Try out the 3 steps if you’re serious about shifting your energy for the REST OF THE WEEK and post your findings of this experiment by posting a comment here!

 3. Need help? Consider this first.
Sometimes (more often than not), the “voice” is not actually ours. It could be the voice of our well-intentioned parents, old lovers, even lineage or past life patterns that are running the show and squashing your capacity to move beyond certain income levels, loving partnerships or optimum health that you know you deserve. The good news? You have the power to release it. Completely. Like. For. Good.

Part of my WHY is to help you feel powerful in all your relationships, to help you make the kind of money you know you could be making in your business (without it leaking out the other end!) and to help you feel like you have as much energy as you had when you were little so you can go live out your dream. But it takes courage. It takes effort. And if it’s a pattern that’s been ingrained in your subconscious for a long time, you need help. (otherwise you would have already seen the kind of results you wanted, right?) Now is the time. And if you’re feeling the call from within, I’m here for you, but you must take action.

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With Love,


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