part 2: positioning your space for love

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Now you’ve prepped your space. It’s free of dirt, you’ve sorted through what needs to go and what gets to stay and now you’re ready for the second step: Positioning your space for the relationship or energy you want to call in.

The most important position is the position of your bed. This is a Feng-Shui rule, but I want to say this about any of the suggestions I am about to share: listen to your body’s signals about what feels good. What feels “good” for lack of a better phrase is “your Feng-Shui.” Got it? Good.

As you enter your bedroom, you want to avoid the following bed positions:

  • “Corpse” Pose: With your bed right in line with the door, this position supposedly drains your energy of its natural vitality.
  • Especially if you are tired of being single, “bed pushed up against the side of a wall.” This position leaves no room for the “partner” to enter his/her side of the bed and there is no room for a second nightstand which is a no-no….unless you want “one-night-stands” or you really just want to be alone right now. 
  • Head right under a window. Not only does this position just plain feel weird, being so close to a window supposedly drains your energy in the same way that being in the corpse pose does. If you absolutely can’t find another position except this one, then I would suggest getting a very solid headboard that comes up high enough when you sit up in the bed to avoid the glass and some nice curtains that feel protective and nurturing.

Ideal positions have you:

– being able to see the door and

-also have your head near a wall for extra support.

-leave enough space on either side to enter and exit

See my 3 fabulous, hand-drawn masterpieces below!


 Other important things to consider:

Night Stands and Space around the Bed:

  • Make sure there are TWO, ideally identical, but if you just moved into a new place, you can use that moving box as a nightstand…temporarily.
  • Having something stand in for what you want is a good idea, but just make sure that your intention is to actually get a solid one or the relationships you attract could mimic the nature of the box: temporary!
  • Having two that are different shapes are okay as long as your partner has room to put their stuff up too.
  • Make sure you are able to freely move around your bed (on each side). If there is a set of drawers in the way or a gorgeous statue or dressing chest, move it somewhere else! If you have to tiptoe around your own bed, remember everything is energy. Do you want to tip-toe around your relationship? My guess is no! So keep the space around clean, free-flowing and roomy and that’s what you will invite in too!



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  1. Carolyn
    Carolyn says:

    Hi Diana,
    Thanks for reminding me to use feng shui for help to get what I really want. I read a few books on the subject several years ago and had forgotten most of what I read. Looks like I have a lot of work to do!

    I really appreciate you sharing your insights!



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