Sparkle Seat Series: Angie

Happy Tuesday! 

Do you have big dreams and aren’t sure how to break them down to make them a reality? 

In this month’s Sparkle Seat series, Diana coaches Angie, who is interested in building her own business while juggling other responsibilities. 

If you’ve ever wanted to increase your confidence to go for it-whether it is in finally taking steps towards your big dream, entering a new relationship or starting a business from scratch using your gifts and talents, you will love this coaching segment!

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Are You Ready for Some New Energy this October? Me Too!

Happy Tuesday!

And welcome to a brand-new month of possibilities, magic and opportunity, especially in relationships. 

It’s Libra season which is the sign of balance and love!

Where do you need to come back into balance with yourself? 

Where can you find the middle ground with someone or something that’s been bugging you? 

Where do you need to just accept and move on with grace? 

So many questions to ponder and with Mercury Retrograde until October 18th, it’s the perfect time to contemplate your next steps, who you want to be in this last quarter of the year and what’s really important to you. 

I’m really excited to share this month’s Goddess Guidance Oracle message! 

I actually recorded it for you while taking. much needed break at a resort here in AZ.

Yes, that’s right-ducked out of the swimming pool and found a beautiful spot to pull cards and share the wisdom that was coming through about October. 

Watch it now below and happy October!

ps: If you want to raise your confidence, I’m going to be teaching a brand-new course later this month called Energize Your Confidence Space! Stay tuned and big heart hugs and love to you.