The Old Adage Really is True (Dating Advice)

Happy Aries Full Moon week!

The airwaves are powerful. 

Communications can be fiery, direct and full of passion. 

You may find you get a burst of energy from out of nowhere…or feel like you want to punch a wall.

It’s a great week to shore up your inner courage, channel your bold, bad-ass alter ego, and behave in ways that make you feel proud and may even shock you.

Today, I am answering a dating question about mixed signals:

“Diana, I’ve bee on 4 dates with this guy. All was going well (I thought) and we even talked casually about the next date. It’s been over a week and I don’t know where it’s going. I’ve been texting him and he does respond to me – and they are sweet, but he has yet to book the next date or initiate a text or conversation. I’m trying to stay in my ‘feminine’ but I feel so frustrated. What am I missing?”

A: Ah, yes the mystery of the great post-4th date. Often times in the first few dates, men (and women) are on their best behaviour and are often presenting their best sides. But by the4th or 5th dates, generally speaking, true colours may start to emerge and people’s natural way of being becomes more apparent. 

So, in the spirit of being bold and direct with the Aries Full Moon, it boils down to the old adage “Actions speak louder than words.” Yup-if you have not received a message from this man and he’s not trying to book the next date and nail dow a time with you, he’s either a). primarily a feminine-energy centred man (in which case, he will happily respond to your texts ad initiated conversations and invitations) or b). it’s simply not a priority for him.

If you are a feminine-energy centred woman naturally, then it may feel a bit weird to always be initiating conversation. If imitating feels easy and natural and you are more comfortable in your masculine energy, then you can be cold and ask this guy out to the farmers market! But if not…then giving him space t have to make a move is key. And if he doesn’t…well, then take that as a clear sign through in-action that the is not interested and move on goddess!

Q: Have you had an experience where the communication/attention wanes after the first few dates? What happened and how did you navigate that? Share with us below!

What to Expect This Oct! (Oracle Message Inside!)

Happy Tuesday and new month! 

I don’t know about you but as soon as I turned the page on the calendar, I let out an audible sigh…of gratitude. 

There’s something about the turning of the calendar, the turning of seasons that just feels like we all get a big, giant do-over.

A fresh start.

Energetically and emotionally. 

Maybe some things didn’t pan out the way you expected in September.

Can you be gentle with yourself and let it go? 

And other things came into your life that you didn’t expect but that were marvellous!

Can you celebrate that and stay open to experience more of that trust that you deserve amazing things? 

The word for October is connection.

Connecting to what you value. 

And more…

Watch the October Oracle message below and check out the new painting I’m playing with in the Goddess space! 

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Is Ego bad? (Q+A time!)

Happy Tuesday! 

How was your Equinox?

Thank you so much to everyone who signed up for the Autumn Healing Meditation!

If you’d lie to get a copy of the recording to listen to and gain the energy benefits, you can go here and we will send it to you!

Today, I’m answering a question from our Goddess community.

Q: “Diana, I’ve been really working on my spiritual practice and trying to not take things personally in relationships. It’s not easy! One thing I wondered about – Ego bad? Where is the line between having a healthy Ego and an unhealthy one?

I love this question! Ego gets a really bad rap but really it has a very important purpose in our Lives!

Understanding this purpose can help you in all relationships. 

After you listen: 

Q: Do you listen to your Ego? Share with us in the comments!

Let the Universe Help You

Happy Tuesday! 

The other day I was driving to see a friend and I was strongly called to look over to my right.

A sign, literal sign for some business and do you know what it said? 

“All things possible.”

I chuckled because I’d been having a strange week with a lot of unexpected twists and turns. 

I teach this stuff, but I’m not immune to having days where I have trouble trusting that I’m being supported.

So that sign was very timely.

It helped me get into a more expansive mindset beyond the realm of the “problems” that presented themselves. 

So often we get caught up in the mind, in fear or anxiety about the future, that we forget we can slow down, ask for a sign, and relax. 

This is the Feminine Flow State-it’s not passivity-more, just powerfully deciding to receive signals of what our Deepest Truth is from the outside world. 

One wa to get into this Flow State is to start your morning quietly.

Do something that takes you out to the realm of the linear, production-mode into the liminal, Yin state.

So you can actually hear yourself and also make loving, clear requests for the Universe to co-create and support you.

One thing I love doing is making morning tea. 

I love the sensation of boiling a post of hot water, selecting my tea or sometimes just adding lemon, lighting a candle and journaling. 

Some days, not much comes out.

It feels like dribble.

Other days, I channel content for an entire course! (Hello-Embody!)

And it’s my time to get still and ask, “Spirit, here’s what I’m feeling/knowing/contemplating. Can you give me a clear sign to let me know I’m on the right track or help me course-correct please?”

So this week, especially since we are still in Mercury Retrograde, I invite you to switch up your usual morning M.O. and do one thing to tune into yourself.

Make a request from the Universe to send you a sign.

And give yourself permission to stay receptive and trust that if it’s truly a Sign, you’ll know. You won’t miss it.

Q: Are you game? If so, hit reply and say YES!

Enjoy your week and sending you tons of blessings!