If You’re Gonna Break Dishes, Use a Garbage Liner! (Q+A Time!)

Happy Tuesday! 

Today, I take your Goddess questions from the community.

It’s officially Q+A time: “Diana, do you have any creative or spiritual tools that can help me let go of anger towards my ex?”

A: Oh, you betcha! Here are 4 things you can do…

  1. Break dishes ( just use a garbage liner!). Imagine all the anger going into the dishes and you can declare all the things you need to say to your ex and then ask that it will be offered and released to the Divine through the breaking of the dishes. 
  2. Break a coconut (learned this from Tosha Silver) – similar process as dishes – but you can break a coconut in a safe place. NOTE: Discard the coconut after and don’t use it for anything else! 
  3. Write a letter, voice it and burn it. Don’t hold back Goddess! Say it all – voice it in the mirror, imagining your ex is in front of you and burn it symbolically releasing the energy hold on you.
  4. Cut energetic cords! When we hold energy with another person, we form energetic ‘cords’ that looks like ropes to them and they us. Cord cutting is a process I describe in my book, The Dating Mirror: Trust Again, Love Again and while cords of Leo can never be cut, toxic ties can. This frees up your energy and also the other person if they are open to it!

All of these can assist you in moving energy with an ex or any situation, belief or person that you’re ready to move on from. 

Q: Which one of these will you play with this week? 

Let me know by leaving a comment and if you would like assistance in your specific situation, go here to book a coaching consultation or intuitive reading. 

When You’re Not Sure Which Way to Go… Do This!

Ever been torn between two options when t comes to a relationship?

Both may seem equally appealing (or not) and it can sometimes feel really frustrating to know what to do. 

So the clients come to me with a conundrum like this, I invite them to move out of their head and into that playful, receptive open space of possibilities. 

In order to access that space, you can do this simple thing…try ’em on.

Try on each choice for 24 hours.

Just for 24 hours, imagine that you’ve already made the decision to do XYZ (choice 1).

Live with it for 24 hours, take it into your body and act as if.

Notice how your body feels throughout the day and how this choice informs how you speak, how you move in your world, etc. 

Then, journal on that at the end of the day.

Shake it off and take deep breaths.

Then, the next day, ‘try on’ the other choice. Repeat. 

You can gain invaluable information if you are willing to fully surrender to each choice. 

I’ve had clients tell me:

  • “I knew what I wanted to do in the middle of the day. It was clear-like my head couldn’t get in the way.”
  • “Neither choice felt expansive…I realize I’ve been discounting a third possibility. I don’t know what the looks like but I’m going to stay open to that presenting itself instead of feeling like I have to choose between these two only.”
  • “Both made my body feel pretty neutral. I realize it really doesn’t matter which one I choose-both create the same result in my body. Interesting…”

So, there you have it.

Q: Are you willing to ‘try on’ different options this week for a 24-hour period?

No need to attach to the outcome or judge yourself or the experience. 

It’s about gathering information from your intuition and your body. Who knows? You may even get a clear sign out in the world. 

What do you have to lose but getting in your way?

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Your June Message!

Happy Tuesday and last day of May! 

June promises to be a month that’s focused on the following themes:

  • communication
  • inner child/invitation to play
  • aligning with who you are now vs. who you were then

Click below to view the June Goddess message!

Have a restful last day of the month and if you would like to get more clarity on what’s happening in your life, it’s time perfect time for an intuitive check-in! Click here to learn more