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say this to stay positive in the face of negativity

Have you ever had an experience where someone said something to you that was completely negative when you were feeling especially vulnerable?   I was having lunch with a friend who shared with me that she had just had received a less-than-kind word from a medical professional after injuring herself.   It doesn’t matter what […]

are you addicted to ‘busy?’

Happy Wed! Have you ever found it hard to stop being busy? I was speaking with one of my VIP clients the other day.  The question was around: “How do I reconcile this part of myself that is addicted to being busy?” A: I shared with her that we tend to operate in extremes-either being […]

your May message is here!

Happy May! How are you feeling? Change is in the air! I’m writing you from Houston, Texas and my hair is super curly from the humidity. Bella, my puppy is in awe of all the grass and it is really cool to be in my childhood home…and also a little trippy! But back to May. […]