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3 tricks to make first meetings less awkward

Happy Wed! I was at a restaurant the other night and couldn’t help noticing a couple to the left whose body language screamed, “We are on a first date!” You know what I mean right? The nervous tone and stilted chuckle when asking and answering questions. The stiff body language and constant shifting. At one […]

would you marry yourself?

Happy Wed! Whoa, that is a loaded question, isn’t it? But it’s a question I asked myself not that long ago and have also posed to my private clients. Even if you are in a relationship right now, it’s worth asking… and noticing what little nigglies and thoughts arise when you do. I recently did […]

i thought i was crazy…

Happy Wed! Have you ever felt this battle between your head and your heart? Especially in relationships, that tennis match can seem to go on and on, leaving you to second-guess your decisions, or worse, just not making any decision and staying stuck and confused. But if you’ve been wanting to find that sweet spot […]

is your home repelling love? 3 q’s to ask!

Happy Wed! Random q: have you had the urge to purge old crap? I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in full-on declutter mode this week. From clearing space on my desktop to deleting old photos on my phone and tossing old receipts while singing Queen songs (Bohemian Rhapsody…must see movie), my puppy Bella […]