the best love and life advice I ever got (true story)

Have you ever been on a date or had a big decision or presentation at work to make and you literally can’t stop your brain from totally spinning out of control like a hamster on a wheel on steroids?

That was me.

I’d like to share a true story with you with the intent that it helps you love and trust yourself more. It’s a story about business but really it’s about loving yourself full out and falling in love with the real you. Would that be ok?

It was Circa 2012.

I remember sitting in my apartment, crying and stressed out because I didn’t know what to call myself.

I was on the phone with my astrologer and halfway through my rant about how I didn’t know if I was on the right track in my business, in my life, in my crazy dating life that inspired The Dating Mirror, he shut me up in his very classy, British way.

And told me some of the hands-down best advice I’ve ever received in my entire life.

Let me take you back

But before I spill the beans, to fully appreciate his advice, here’s a little background on where it came from:

I was at a place in my business where everything was expanding. Like faster than I could imagine and I was constantly putting pressure on myself to label myself for the masses.

For those of you who have been following me for awhile, you’ve seen me go through several incarnations and brand names.

I started out doing Angel readings on the streets of San Francisco (no joke!), became a Reiki Master Teacher and got a radio and TV gig doing readings for people live on air for four years. I was unofficially labeled The Next Doreen Virtue.

Then years ago at a mastermind, a mentor came up with the name, The CEO Psychic, for my business. It was true. A lot of my clients are CEO’s and big shots in their industries. I shared the same stage as Deepak Chopra and went on with that moniker and brand and my career shot way up.

And shortly after that, because a lot of my clients really wanted my help with their relationships, family and self-confidence (even though they would come to me initially for business intuition advice and cleverly sneak it in at the end!) Five Star Love Life came about. But throughout each brand evolution, I realized something huge.

The Trouble with Labels

All were fabulous monikers and names to be associated with. Clever. Clear. Sexy.

The trouble was, I found that each time I tried to label myself, I started to feel weird.

I went way more into my head than was helpful.

I started trying to fit myself into a neat little box that came with owning a particular “name” and it brought up a lot of pressure, anxiety and self doubt.

  • I felt scattered and my life really mirrored that.
  • I had success but I was all over the place, literally.

I think I moved four times between 2011-2013.

  • My weight was up and down.
  • I had really great men in my life who I (or they) for one reason or another just couldn’t commit to.

And I really had to work hard to find my center. Because something felt well, off, but I couldn’t quite pinpoint it. I needed help.

So I booked a session with my astrologer.

And here is what he said:

“Stop thinking so much. You’re so much better when you don’t think.”

He knew that going into my head first wasn’t my Zone of Genius. It was my Zone of Chaos. The breakthroughs came when I sank into the flow of the moment and then made decisions from my gut. And then and only then, assessed with the analytical mind. When I reversed the order, I just diluted my own power.

So often, especially in our relationships, we over think things.

We make lists when we should just enjoy be-ing.

And when we are too in our head, we tend to switch off our hearts and switch on the judgement.

And the criticism. And the pressure.

Especially self-inflicted pressure. And then we aren’t truly engaging with the other person anymore. Or our life. And we start to sabotage….and we wonder why our life isn’t shaping up the way we want

Change can bring you back to yourself

I knew something had to change and it could only come from within me. So I made a commitment to stop trying to label myself and instead focused on how I could serve the world with my message: to help people trust and love themselves in a soulful way. 

Once the pressure of having to “find and fit a label” was consciously lifted off, I found that every area of my life improved.

  • I lost weight and had more energy for the things I loved.
  • I became way better at managing my money and investing in things I value vs things I think I should have.
  • And I attracted my current partner who truly accepts and loves me for who I am.

But none of that could have happened as quickly as it did if I hadn’t

  1. Consciously taken a step back to look at where I was choosing to place my energy (into obsessively over thinking and measuring every choice against how it fit into a stupid box vs. just being in the moment.)
  2. Seeing the blessings each incarnation brought me (gratitude and grace) and
  3. Made the choice to be present without worrying so much about what other people (and I) thought of me

It all begins with a simple choice to do things differently.

So, now over to you.

Q: Where do you need to stop overthinking things in your life?

Q: Where could you benefit from relaxing into the here and now?

Q: What could be possible when you do this?

Share with me in the comments below!

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krishna + a magical story about stepping into your ‘queen’ self

So as you may remember, not so long ago, I finally listened to my back’s signs and bought a new mattress.

What I didn’t share in that post was that I got myself a full size even though I really wanted a queen size.

I’ve had a full size for as long as I can remember but something kept saying, “Diana you are totally ready for a queen. Why are you holding back?”

Part 1: Being Comfortable

I ignored my intuitive hunches.


I’m not quite sure. A full was…fine. It was… comfortable. I was used to it. I also just didn’t feel like getting a new box spring or deal with putting together a new frame, blah, blah, blah. Excuses.

You: This is how it can be with love.

We get so used to what is comfortable, even though it has stopped serving our Path anymore.

We stay far too long in a relationship (or invest in being single even though we want to be with a partner) because we’re afraid.

Afraid of the changes we’d have to make, or that we perceive we’d have to give up in order to have what we truly desire.

Part 2: Being Aware of Mirrors

But the funny thing was that once the full arrived, it literally was too big for the frame and box spring I had! It spilled out on the sides and was too long! Almost like I’d bought a queen, but not quite. I called it an “Almost Queen.”

And I laughed out loud, because I had just had a conversation with a girlfriend about how it’s time for us to step into our fullest Queen Self to empower even more women…but that I still felt like I wasn’t quite ready. I had long left my “Princess-damsel-in-distress-come-rescue-me” self behind but Queen? I still felt a teeny bit out of my league.

And my bed reflected that! It was too big for what I had, too small to be in a queen!

You: Reflecting on yourself, perhaps in one of your relationships you may be in the same place. Clear on where you want to go, but not quite feeling worthy/ready/sure you’re ready to be the woman you need to be to have it.

Pay attention to the mirrors in your life. Where is your environment reflecting your current self-image? What does it say? Is it what you want?

Simply notice. Be aware.


Part 3: Being the Queen…and accepting more than you bargained for

Like you may feel with your own relationships, I didn’t plunge head first into anything after I became aware of the mirrors the bed choice was reflecting back to me.

Sometimes nothing really happens until what we tolerate becomes intolerable (or we get so annoyed by the insistent nudge of our desires that something has to change/leave/come in).

Just the other day, I was literally moved with every fiber of my being to contact customer service about exchanging the mattress.

I bought it on Amazon, so it wasn’t as easy as just having them change it out at the store and I had thrown out the box…so I wasn’t sure how it all worked.

But I was so clear that I wanted a queen, even if there were changes and charges involved. It was fully aligned with my desire and had been for quite some time.

And yet, I was strangely detached from the whole thing, choosing to just simply ask questions and show up to see what they said.

Long story short, I spoke to a woman named Rachel and a man who called himself (get this) Krishna! As in the Hindu supreme God of love! I laughed so hard at the irony.

Between the two, Divine embodiment of the feminine/masculine if I ever saw it, a miracle happened.

They immediately issued me a credit for the full amount of the full size so I could get the queen size…and told me to please keep the full size! No need to ship it back or return before getting a refund.

I thought I read the screen wrong. Nope. They were serious. I was getting not only the exact mattress I wanted…but also getting to keep the super comfortable, practically brand-new one as well for my guest room!

Now, I’m sure that to some people, you could rationalize it logically, saying, “Well, they figured it wasn’t worth their trouble to try to take back a mattress out the box, etc..” but…

To me, it was a symbol of the spirit of ABUNDANCE and the magic that comes when we step fully into our desires.

I learned that a big part of manifesting miracles is that you really do have to be prepared to put yourself ALL IN.

No room for wiggling, half-assing or bargaining with your desires.

No back doors.

All in. Then the Universe storms the gates and bends over backwards to help you out.

I was prepared to pay for both shipping and a new mattress in order to get what I really wanted.

But it turns out, I didn’t have to do that.

But I was 100% willing.

Your turn: Where in your life have you been tip toeing, dipping your toe in towards what you want, but really keeping one foot firmly planted in your single life or your current circumstances?

How would it feel to be all in?

How would it feel to be your own version of the Queen?

What would you stop tolerating and what is one action you could take that would be your Queen/King self leading?

Feeling brave? Leave a comment and share!

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this small shift can change your life…i’ve done the leg work for you!

Happy Tuesday!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?

Quick update: I just got back home to the desert from New York City. Had a blast meeting with old friends and also clients who I’ve worked with on the phone but never met in person! Fun pic from my recent “Wealthy Goddess” event below with Lorena Morales! Also just kicked off my free 3-week video training series called “Live Like a Goddess!” Want to join me and learn how to receive? It’s not too late! Hop in here.

Can I share something really weird about myself with you that is the intro to today’s inspirational post?

Here it is.

I loooove…. pennies. 

In particular, finding pennies on the floor. I prefer the super new shiny ones, but the rusty, not-sure-i-could-give-this-to-a-cashier-it’s-so-covered-in-crap ones are cool too.

I get ridiculously excited and I sometimes squeal with delight when they make an appearance.

To me they are evidence that we are supported by the Universe.

They are a symbol of the energy of abundance, which to me certainly includes financial moo-lah but also love and our capacity to receive all the delights and desires of our Soul.

Since I got off the plane for my NY trip, I found a penny everyday, if not more than once a day.

Sometimes the Universe even threw in dimes!

Each time, even in a crowded subway or intersection, I would respond in the same way.

Delighted! Smiley! Filled with joy and with a big goofy smile on my face that I’m sure scared people (or disgusted them…or didn’t faze’s NY after all).

What does this have to do with you?IMG_3350.JPG

If you aren’t experiencing what you want in your relationship space, or in another area of life, consider that you may have put your focus on the wrong thing.

Example: When I kept finding those pennies and dimes, I was usually just in the present moment. Trying to find the right train to take so I wouldn’t get lost…again! Or looking for a sign or a friend who was meeting up with me. But in the back of my mind, I expected to find more pennies and dimes AND…I learned to stop trying to control when or how that would happen.

To test this theory out, for about ten minutes when I had alone time, I focused totally on pennies and dimes. I just knew I was going to find them. And I looked hard. Every sidewalk, my eyes scoured left and right, determined. I started to feel really tense and my breathing got shallow. I almost ran into a kid in a stroller I was so focused. And as you can probably guess, the result was no pennies or dimes. Just a whole lotta stress, wasted mental energy and a bruised toe!

I had a good laugh and then focused on the beautiful church that happened to be on my right. It was so beautiful and I sent a pic to my boyfriend.

And one minute later, there it was. Penny number two of the day.

So, in short here are this week’s action steps:

  1. Notice-are you operating from a space of knowing that you will have that hot relationship, etc but allowing your mind to come back to a space of ease, joy and the present moment? Or are you focusing so hard that you are creating negative things like stress, anxiety or worry? A simple awareness shift is all it takes to bring you back.
  2. One of my favorite mantras? “What I truly desires also desires me. It’s safe to let go.” Have a go with it. Say it aloud when you find yourself gripping  or write it out a bunch of times and notice how it feels!”

May you find many many “pennies,” and have a beautiful week!

Love and Blessings,


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are you burned out? 3 daily practices to live like a goddess..and rock May

May’s message is about receptivity, which has truly been a theme of the past few weeks.

How open are you to receiving more than just enough in your life and in your relationships?


The card says, “Allow yourself to receive. This will increase your intuition, energy and ability to give to others.”

The Goddess Hathor who the card has on it was an Egyptian Goddess of the Sun, representing fertility and true love…and she is often portrayed with the animals cat (connection to the psychic realms/subtle energies) and cow (nurturing and sustenance).

If you’ve been running yourself ragged, like most of us do at some point when we are trying to be SuperWoman or SuperMan, Hathor’s message is even more important.

Often times we think, “I’ll slow down and be still as soon as X happens first.”

But that is a surefire way to burn yourself out.

Can I share another way with you that combines the two energies of independence and also nurturing like Hathor?

I call it the Goddess way.

I would love to help you come back to yourself so you can be more available to the people in your life and the opportunities you want to create.

Here are 3 daily practices to manage your energy levels…and live like a goddess.

1. Listen to music that uplifts you as you begin…and wrap your day.

This sounds so simple, but it amazes me how many stressed out folks I see who are blasting music with lyrics that are unsupportive or harsh to the senses after their work day. If you are extra sensitive, instrumentals are awesome.

2. Compliment at least 1 person a day (preferably someone you don’t really know)

Being a goddess is about sharing love and noticing beauty wherever you go. It has nothing to do with a false sense of superficiality but a true appreciation for all the things already present in your space that delight you! So the next time that person in the grocery line is wearing something that looks beautiful on them or brings out a positive essence, how would it feel to be a bit ballsy and tell them? Watch them smile and that energy will radiate back to you!

3. Choose to stop multi-tasking…even if it’s just for 10 minutes.

A Goddess knows the power of focus. When we can zoom in on what’s in front of us, we are in full power and in full presence. When you scatter your vitality, mentally, physically or emotionally/spiritually, the other person gets a divided version of you….and so you may see divided results in your life. Try this and notice how much more energy you have when you just do one thing at a time…and trust that it will all get done in the perfect time.

Q: Which of the 3 daily practices resonate with you this week that you are willing to try out? Share with me in the comments below!

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I will be diving in deeper into the ways you can live like a Goddess from the inside out.

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