is ego ‘bad?’

Today’s Q+A is: “How do I know if I’m coming from Ego or listening to my gut? Isn’t Ego bad?”

This is a great question and often times in the spiritual community, the term EGO is very misunderstood.

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Love and Blessings,

A great mantra if you struggle with speaking your truth

You will piss people off but…


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the universe rewards you when you reward yourself

What are you grateful for right now in your life?

I just got back from a solo healing journey to New Mexico and everything from the moment I committed to go on the trip has been magical and Divinely orchestrated. I can’t wait to share more about it with you soon!

But in this week’s love note, it’s spiritual lesson time!

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I have been loving making short, inspirational audios for you in real time, so click here to check out this week’s episode: The Universe rewards you when you reward yourself!

I share another manifestation story and shed light on how the Universe responds to your requests!

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How can you strengthen your intuition?

Happy Wed!
It’s Q+A time!
Today’s question comes from Kim on Facebook:

“How do I get better at trusting my intuition? I’m so fearful of being wrong that I ignore myself sometimes.”

The good news is that you can improve your intuition. It’s not some gift for the chosen few!

Click below to learn a simple tip to start strengthening your intuitive muscles and get out of fear!

Love and blessings!

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i started laughing when i saw this….

Have you ever had an awesome morning only to come home later and have life throw you a total curveball?

It could be small or large, but it almost feels like the Universe is out to get you because you had too good a time?

Funny story: I came home after a fun day of socializing with friends and acupuncture to find my puppy, Bella in a pile of torn up paper in the center of my living room.

She knew she was in a big trouble-ears back, tail between her legs and belly exposed as if to say, I surrender! I was bored! I’m sorry!

I gave her a stern look and headed over to see her handiwork.

What would it be?

What had I left out?

Praying it wasn’t something really important.

And then I gasped out loud when I saw what she had chewed up.

It was an old CD cover of a brain-wave meditation I had been looking for called “Attracting Love.”

There in the center of my living room was love in a sea of little red and white pieces strewn everywhere with Bella plopped on top.

I burst into laughter as I saw her butt warming and hiding the perfectly intact CD itself.

It got me thinking about mindset when it comes to love…and really anything else.

In any given moment, you have a choice of how to think about something that happens to you.

1. You can see it as the Universe conspiring against you and play the victim. Ex: Look at the symbolism-maybe the Universe is trying to tell me that there’s never enough love to go around. I can’t enjoy myself and have more. Who am I kidding?


2. You can see it as the Universe conspiring for you and play the grateful receiver. Ex: Look at the symbolism-maybe the Universe is reminding me that no matter what happens, love is always present. It can change form, appear to be broken/taken away/scattered/gone, etc, but it’s all in the air and all around and within you.

So, are you going to choose lack and limitation, taking every single thing that happens as a personal sign against your desires OR are you going to choose lavish abundance and an attitude that everything that happens is a sign meant to help you grow, open your heart even more, love deeper and look deeper at the big lesson showing up?

Your choice.

Whatever you choose will inform what you see…what you recognize out in the world and how you perceive the messages your intuition is trying to send you.

And what you get more of.

Life will throw you curve balls.

Love won’t always look the way you expect it to.

Puppies will chew up your CD covers.

But love isn’t something for the chosen few.

It’s for you because you are love.

Q: So, whatever happens this week, will you remember to choose the mindset that moves
you in the directions of your desires?

That’s today’s little love nudge for you.

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