Hello From Cali + Your Jan 2024 Reading!

Happy Happy 2024!

We all made it! January is such a beautiful month and in many ways, feels like a quiet whisper.

How was your last week of 2023? I’ve been enjoying time with my husband’s family in California and being away from our home and walking among the trees and totally different landscape than the desert has been so rejuvenating for my soul.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling this strong desire to just nest, cocoon and embrace winter’s energetics, which are about rest, gentle reconstruction internally and externally and reflection on what is coming up next.

Basically the opposite of the societal conditioning of go, go, go, achieve, strive, hit those New Year’s resolutions ASAP! (I got tired just typing that!)

As I write this, I am in my comfy clothes, messy hair and I woke up late for me-slept over 10 hours! It felt…very luxurious and very Goddess!

I feel like going old-school today and simply writing to you + channeling the messages I hear as I pull oracle cards for all of you for the month. I may do a video next week, but this week you get it in writing! 🙂

Oracle messages were one of the first ways that I connected with my intuition and if you are visual, I find they can often help the logical mind to step aside and give the subconscious and the wise voice inside a chance to interpret what’s what and the truths that want to be unearthed.

So….without further ado. Here you go! I encourage you to look at the beautiful cards and ask yourself too, “What else could this card mean for me right now?” Write down any insights you get!

The cards are from Colette Baron Reid’s “Oracle of the 7 Energies” if you’d like to check it out.

Your January 2024 message: Week by Week

Message 1 : In Perfect Harmony. This first week of January has sweet vibes, and your imagination may feel like it’s working overtime. You may have lots of creative ideas but you aren’t yet sure how they all fit together quite yet. But that’s okay. The “11” suggests that you are going to be meeting people along your path this year that will help you fulfill your most important goals and growth. You aren’t doing it alone, so stop worrying! This also is a card that suggests and reminds you of the importance of having fun and doing things for the sake of joyfulness, vs having an attachment to a particular outcome.

Message 2: Shining Through. The second week of January is about putting yourself out there. If you’re single, it’s a great week to make a decision about putting yourself on a new dating app, revamping your pictures or letting people know in your inner circle the type of person you would love to meet. For couples or for a wider lens take, it’s about doing things that help you feel seen and confident! No more hiding. Also, if you didn’t listen to your inner nudges to declutter those clothes that make you feel like anything less than a million bucks, it may be time to let them go!

Message 3: Birds of a Feather. The third week of January is about community. Have you been wanting to make new friends? This is a great time to circulate yourself, take some risks and make some calls. Your intuition is spot on, so if something seems off it probably is. And life can sometimes feel like a numbers game. If you put yourself out there and it doesn’t seem to go anywhere, that’s okay. There will be something else and you never know who you could meet to help you in another area of your life without even realizing it. Be open to giving and receiving love without guarantees. Notice what comes back to you!

Message 4: Close Encounters. The fourth and fifth week of January is about freedom. Liberating yourself from situations, relationships and ways of thinking that didn’t really work for you this month. Taking stock of where you’ve given your power away and also celebrating the new people that have come into your world and the new attitude and beliefs that are becoming more and more your new norm. You are a beautiful butterfly and you cannot rush your transformation. So if you find yourself falling into old patterns of stinkin thinking, know that you are free to open the door to that self-imposed cage anytime you want and fly out and explore a new vista!

Q: What is one of your intentions for yourself for this month? Hit reply and share if you feel guided!

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Much love and happy New Year!


How to Let the Divine In (Manifesting Secrets!)

Happy Tuesday!

What do you do when you’ve done all you think of towards manifesting your heart’s desire?

You know you shouldn’t attach to the outcome and you want to surrender, but what does that look like?

I call this last step, Inviting the Divine in.

Basically, getting out of your own way.

Want to hear a true story of the Divine in action + two tangible things you can do to invite in surrender? Watch below:

Q: What is 1 insight that came up for you as you watched this? Share by leaving a comment and if you’d like to manifest and release energy from 2023 to make space for an amazing 2024, go here to join Winter Magic: A Winter Solstice virtual retreat! There are still a handful of spaces left.

October Oracle Message

Happy New month to you!

This month is a powerful one as we have not one but two eclipse moons.

Eclipses bring sudden, sometimes unexpected endings, beginnings, and information.

Relationships are spotlighted as we are also in Libra season, a sign that is known for its balance, diplomacy and harmony.

Watch below to learn important dates to watch out for and the overall vibe of the month so you can navigate all your important relationships with gusto!

Diana wearing a salmon shirt, taken 2022

What You Desire, Desires You!

Happy Tuesday!

Have you ever heard that to call in a partner, a home or anything that you’d like to, you must first be a vibrational match for what you’re requesting? 

If you aren’t at the same vibrational frequency as what you’re asking for, it’s like the Universe gets its wires crossed and you may not see much come your way.

One of my favorite ways to raise frequency is to use mantras to fine-tune your mindset away from a space of scarcity, lack and longing vibes… to that of grounded, calm, receptive vibes! 

One of my favorite mantras to play with for this is… What I desire, desires me back! 

Imagine that what you desire also desires you. 

That home, that perfect person for you…they are on the other end just so dang excited to find you. 

Really take that in.

No chasing.

No worrying.

No stress.

Yes, you do have to meet the Universe half way (you must put in a % of effort/appropriate action and do things to signal that you indeed are doing your part and also % receptivity/allowance and letting go so the Universe can have space to deliver things to you).

Are you open to using this mantra to calm your logical mind and slip into that space of receptivity and assurance that what is truly meant for you also wants you? 

How to use it: 

In quest moments where you feel fears rising up in your chest, close your eyes, take a deep, cleansing breath and say the mantra above: What I desire, desires me back! Say it three times with deep feeling. Notice how you feel.

Will you play with this over the week and let me know how it goes? Leave a comment below! 

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